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smoore031 01-13-2011 09:56 PM

Marathon /half marathon training
Hi, has anyone here ever trained for one of these and were you successful. My training is going good so far. I am now running for about an 1hr 10 minutes---7 miles on my long days. If you have done one before how was your eating? I am following a good diet, but am sooooooo frustrated because I thought the pounds would come off quicker. I have lost 6 pounds since i started training on 12/26. I have lost inches and am doing some small lifting, but still ! UGH I am convincing myself to push forward---but come on allready----this is why people crash.

nottango 01-14-2011 03:11 AM

I am proud to say I completed 4 marathons and several half's. That was several years ago - before kids. I expected the weight to just melt away, but that wasn't my experience (sorry). I learned to ignore the scale because I was heavier than I would've liked, but in phenominal shape. Six pounds in 3 weeks is not anything to scoff at. The thing about training is that you have to keep eating and rebuilding your muscles or you wont make it through the next session. Every runner is different, so you'll have to figure out what works best for you. I ran by times during the week (longest 50 minutes, I think) and by distance on Saturday mornings. I'd just get up and run during the week before work, but on Saturdays I'd make sure I ate something in the morning, and drink some coffee. Caffeine actually helps you not feel pain.
Carbo-loading is a good idea - but never weigh yourself once you're doing it because as your body's storing glycogen for the run, it's also storing water in your muscles so you'll weigh heavy. There are some really good books that you can use for ideas. I really liked Nancy Clark's Sports nutrition guidebook.
Are you training with a club? If not, I would recommend it.
Good luck! There is NOTHING like that feeling when you cross that finish line!

01gt4.6 01-14-2011 04:36 AM


when is you race? I'm not a runner by any stretch but I've done 2 halfs with no "formal" training. I have another scheduled in 4 weeks and haven't even begun to train. I keep saying I'm going to get out there and train but it's been too damn cold and I refuse to train on a treadmill. I know that me saying it's too cold sounds like an excuse, but I'm doing the race regardless and I plan on <cough cough> will be setting a PR... which isn't saying much. :cool:

sw07 01-14-2011 05:09 PM

Have you checked out yet?
Race Training for Runners:

RunbikeSki 01-15-2011 01:32 AM

Welcome to distance running!
Hey smoore,
Congrats on running for more than an hour - that's a real accomplishment.

Lots and lots of folks have found that they have a hard time dropping the weight once they get into a serious training program and there have been several threads over the last year from folks complaining or concerned about how hungery they are during training. 2 things seem to be going on with newer runners. One is that you are building a lot of muscle while losing the fat and (as I am pretty sure you know) muscle weighs more, ipso-facto, the scale doesn't move as far or as fast you would would like. And full body aerobic/anaerobic exercises like running, swimming, biking etc just tends to kick in the appetite/digestive system for many of us.

So here's a little personal history:
I've been a pretty serious, but recreational, runner for many years. When I first started back up again after a bit of an hiatus during grad school, I drop about 10 pounds pretty quickly, but maintained about 30lbs over weight for almost 10 years, even with modest attempts at dieting. As far as fitness goes, I was definitely in the upper 90%, but still over weight. In 2009 I also reached a plateau where I just couldn't go any faster no matter how hard I trained. So last year I decided to lose the weight in order to be a better runner (weight loss first, then train). I didn't stop running, but I wasn't pushing very hard either. Mostly I was focusing on calorie control and a variety of exercises, not training for a race. After about 2 1/2 months I lost the 30 pounds and then got back to serious training. I was shocked (pleasantly) how much faster I got with very little effort. And with a little more effort podiumed in my age group and have continued to be near the top for my age.

Now, not everyone has this experience. There have been several folks on the forums, particularly guys, that have had great success with rigourous training and weight loss. It is just such and individual thing.

So I guess what I am saying is that running is a super exercise - don't stop! But you may not see the same results some folks brag about in the magazines and websites. Your experience seems to be pretty typical for many of us.


smoore031 01-16-2011 02:38 AM

hi, no I am not training with a club. I have thought about joining one. I am currently training using a Marathon Rookie guide from Runners World. Thanks for the recommendation on the book and the caffeine! I am doing my long distance on Saturday morning---the plan has me increasing a mile per week and it is a 20 week plan. I admit i am afraid of carb-loading although I read that half of my calories should be from carbs. Thanks for your advice and did you eat while you ran the race?

smoore031 01-16-2011 03:00 AM

sorry, i can't figure out how to reply individually! the race is May 15th it is the Cleveland Marathon. I have been training since Dec 26th, and let me assure you it is cold out there! My pace is slightly slower due to the snow, but today i did 1:18 minutes and 7 miles. I admit i love the silence of running in the snow. I am happy to report i lost another 2 pounds, but I struggle because i am 30 pounds overweight; although with my 8 pounds weight loss I am now out of the obese category! I know it takes time, I am glad to hear of other overweight runners, because i alway feel people are looking at me surprised that I can run! thanks for your advice and what do you guys think of Energy Gu--do you eat during the marathon----I know when i ran the half i didn't drink until the 8 and then they gave me gu at the 12---just curious if i should train with the stuff? any other advice i'll take it

nottango 01-16-2011 02:24 PM

I liked the running club because someone else did all the work of planning routes and beverage stops - all I had to do was show up and run on Saturday mornings.

Use the training runs to figure out what works best for you as far as food. I thought I'd like the Gu - but it made me gag, and I couldn't stand the feeling when I swallowed it. My favorite thing to eat? Paydays! Get the minitature's and the combination of salt, peanuts and caramel was perfect for me. I would eat a few bites at a time. I tried other things - like clif or luna bars, but preferred the PayDays - which are cheaper. Make sure you're drinking throughout the training runs. I don't care for sports drinks, but drank them during long runs. I used Carnation Instant Breakfast as my recovery drink, and felt great!
I thought of you while I ran in the cold this morning! I'll be "with" you sending positive thoughts on May 15th!
You'll be amazed at the variety of body types and running styles you see.

RunbikeSki 01-16-2011 05:49 PM

I think when you go to your race and look around, you will be surprised at how many "over weight" runners there are.

It's funny, but my perception of whether I was "fatter", or "thinner" than my fellow runners during any one race was a real reflection of how I was feeling about myself at that time. I am sure that the population of runners really wasn't changing much (nor was my weight), but there were times when I was sure that I was the fattest thing in Nikes, and times when I (privately) scoffed at pudgy plodders lining up at the starting lines.

I have learned so much about myself from this sport! I bet you will too. Keep up the training. I admire your perserverence in the freezing midwest winters!

smoore031 01-16-2011 08:52 PM

HAHAHAH..."Pudgy Plotters" I had to laugh when i read that because I always laugh when i pass someone thinner than me as if to say...I may be fatter, but I am faster! Thanks for the advice! I am so motivated to keep going. I am going to attempt to run with the local club this Sunday. I laugh at work because people think I am crazy to run in these temps, but i'll take cold over heat anyday! Good Old Midwest! Thanks for the info about the Gu----I agree gagging,I can handle the chocolate, but that is it...and I love Paydays!-----I will give those a try this weekend! Also thanks for the advice with drinking----gotta admit i was waiting until the end and should start to drink during my long runs!

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