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Red face Beginner

I have some questions on what i should be doing as far as workingout.

1. How much and how long should i be doing it . ( i swam for laps for 20mins in the am and then 24 mins on the tredmil at night )

2. How do i start lifting i dont have any idea the weights scare me

and 3. How many days should i be working out ? i plan on monday , Wensday , Friday and Saturday mornings ...
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hi, it's great that you decided to get fitter and lose some weight since you are a beginner you'd do best to take professional advice form gym staff - that's what they are there for. I think there's no rules set in stone when it comes to frequency and intensity of workouts, IMO you should just make sure that you have a calorie deficit every day, and aim for 30min exercise 5times a week. It all depends on you, you will get fitter with time and then you can increase the time or load. It's definitely better to do 30min walk every day than 4hr walk once a week
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You might think about getting a session or two with a personal trainer. For working out, you have to start where you're comfortable, then increase from there. You also have to keep in mind that you burn fewer calories the less you weigh, so as you lose weight you may need to increase the intensity and/or the length of your workouts to keep the calorie burn at the same level.
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1.Workouts should not last over 1.5 hours and I prefer to limit them to 1 hour or less. Increase the intensity, not the length, of the workout as your fitness level increases.

2.If you belong to a gym have the staff do a introduction to weights walk through with you. They should be willing to give you an introduction to common exercises and their proper techniques. Publications like Muscle & Fitness and web sites like Bodybuilding.com are other sources for training routines and instruction.

3. Four days is great. Your muscles will appreciate the rest days, especially in the beginning or when you step up the intensity. On a side note, make sure you are getting enough protein for muscle repair and recovery (.5 to 1.0 grams per pound of lean bodyweight).

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