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klimbod 11-05-2021 02:17 PM

Fitness training / You can do wonders with a rope
Benefits of working with a rope:
- By jumping, you can burn up to 1000 kcal per hour. This type of training increases the heart rate, and the load on the joints is very small.
- Jumping develops flexibility, posture, a sense of balance and coordination of movements
- Rope exercises allow you to effectively work out the calves, shoulders, arm muscles and abdominals.
- This is the best way to warm up and cool down during strength training
- You can practice with a skipping rope almost anywhere.

klimbod 11-05-2021 02:19 PM

Bodyflex: Lion Exercise
Lion Exercise
The starting pose is a very common pose. Put your feet 30-35 cm wide, your hands rest two and a half centimeters above your knees with your palms on your feet (as if you are going to sit down). Perform this breathing exercise, then hold your breath, and assume the basic pose, pulling in your stomach.

Basic pose - this pose serves to work on wrinkles around the nose and mouth, face, under the eyes, cheeks. Although it is taken from the yoga "lion pose", it is still a little different. In the yoga pose, you simply, by relaxing your lips, open your mouth wide - this is called “the wide mouth of the old lion.”

But we are pursuing slightly different goals, since in this form the exercise only deepens and increases wrinkles on the face. We need to collect our lips in a small circle, then open our eyes very wide and raise them (this is how the muscles under the eyes are tightened). At the same time, you need to lower the lip circle down (straining the nasal region and cheeks) and stick your tongue out to the limit (this works on the neck and the area under the chin) without relaxing the lips. Maintain this pose for eight counts, perform five times.

klimbod 11-05-2021 02:31 PM

Bodyflex: Ugly Grimace Exercise
Ugly Grimace Exercise
Starting Pose: It may be better to do the exercise first without breathing. Stand up straight, pull your lower teeth out of your front teeth (wrong bite - a dentist would call it) and, as if you want to kiss someone, stick out your lips (try at this moment to stay away from romantically minded monkeys, as you yourself will resemble one of them ). Stretch your neck, protruding your lips like a stubborn bulldog, until you feel the tension in it. Now imagine that you are about to kiss the ceiling and lift your head - you should feel a stretch from the very sternum to the tip of the chin. Do not be surprised if the next morning you feel as if you were hit on the neck with a hoof the day before - these muscles have never worked before.

When you master this exercise (and understand how much it justifies its name ), try to combine it with the rest of the exercise. Here is the starting pose, as well as the main pose for breathing - hands above the knees, legs apart, buttocks in such a position as if you want to sit down. After completing this breathing exercise, hold your breath, pull your stomach in, and return to the main position.

klimbod 11-05-2021 02:48 PM

Bodyflex: Exercise "Lateral stretch"
Exercise "Lateral stretch"
Starting pose: take the main breathing pose - feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent, palms two centimeters above the knees half, buttocks in a position as if you want to sit down, the head is looking forward. First do the breathing exercise, then draw in your stomach and take the basic pose.

Basic pose: Lower your left hand so that the elbow is on the bent left knee. Without lifting your feet off the floor, pull your toes and extend your right leg to the side. Your weight should fall on your left bent knee. Now raise your right hand and pull it over your head, then over your ear, further and further, so that you feel the muscles stretch from the side, from the armpit to the waist. In this case, the hand should be straight and close to the head. You need to maintain the pose of accounts for 8 and take a breath. Do this exercise three times on the right and left sides.

klimbod 11-05-2021 02:50 PM

Bodyflex: Exercise "Pulling back legs"
Exercise "Pulling back legs"
Starting position: you must first lower yourself to the floor, resting on your knees and palms, then lower yourself onto your elbows. Without bending your knee, extend your leg straight behind you with your toes resting on the floor and looking down. The weight should be distributed over your arms and legs, palms facing down in front of you. You are looking straight ahead with your head up. Now you need to complete the entire 5-stage breathing exercise: exhale, inhale, exhale powerful, hold your breath, then lower your head and draw in your stomach. As you pull in your stomach, you need to hold it, and then take the basic pose.

Basic pose: Raise your straight leg back as high as you can, keeping the sock still towards you. Imagine that all your wealth is between your buttocks, and squeeze them so that you create tension in the gluteus maximus muscle. Hold your breath and position and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze the counts into eight. Now you can release your breath and lower your leg. You need to do the exercise three times with one and three times with the second leg.

klimbod 11-06-2021 04:55 PM

Bodyflex: exercise "Scissors"
Exercise "Scissors" perfectly strengthens the muscles of the lower abdominal muscles and effectively straightens out excess fat in the most problematic area - below the navel. This is where fat accumulates most easily and is difficult to remove.

Exercise "Scissors" shows our body a "weak spot" that needs to be worked on. After that, the process of burning everything that is superfluous starts, the muscles become stronger, the work of the circulatory system improves, the general condition of the body improves.

Initial position: Lie on the floor on your back, straighten and close your legs. Place your hands under your buttocks, palms down, to support your back. The head should lie on the floor, and the lower back should not come off the floor, this will avoid possible troubles with the back. Perform a breathing exercise, then draw in your stomach, hold your breath and move to the basic pose.

Basic pose: Raise both legs up about 7-9 centimeters above the floor. Try to keep your legs exactly at this height, without increasing the angle of rise. Begin to perform wide and fast swings with your legs so that one leg is above the other, that is, the "Scissors" exercise, familiar to everyone from childhood. During the exercise, stretch your toes as much as possible and do not bend in the lower back. Perform 8-10 swings, lower your legs and rest. Repeat the exercise 3 times.

klimbod 11-06-2021 04:57 PM

Bodyflex: Exercise "Cat"
"Cat" is a universal and, perhaps, the most useful exercise of all, as it involves several parts of the body in the work at once. This exercise targets your back, abdomen, and thighs. "Cat" allows not only to strengthen the muscles of the abs and thighs, but also helps to solve back problems.

We often complain of back pain, but do not even suspect that this pain can be caused by weak press. After all, if the abdominal muscles are not sufficiently developed, then our back has to do the work that should be done by the press. Thus, by strengthening the abdominal muscles, we release tension from the back, relieving it of problems.

Exercise "Cat"
Starting position: First, spread the rug on the floor, get down on all fours and rest on your knees and palms. Keep your arms and back straight, try not to tilt your head and look in front of you. Now do the breathing exercise and, holding your breath and sucking in your stomach, take the basic pose.

Basic pose: Tilt your head down and at the same time arch your back up, lifting it as high as possible, like a stretching cat. Hold this position for eight seconds, then inhale, return to the starting position and relax your back. Repeat the "Cat" exercise three times and relax.

klimbod 11-06-2021 05:02 PM

Bodyflex: Exercise "Diamond"
Exercise "Diamond" perfectly pumps up the muscles of the arms. It will round your biceps and tighten the muscles on the inside of your forearms. The muscles located in this area are usually quite flabby and look quite ugly.

Exercise "Diamond" will help you tone the dangling muscles on the inside of your arms. Also, this exercise effectively straightens out excess fat in this area. For many women, this area is one of the most problematic, since it is quite difficult to remove fat and tighten the skin on the hands. During the exercise, oxygen flows to the muscles and begins to burn excess fat, the muscles become stronger, no longer flabby, the skin becomes taut and elastic, and your arms become graceful and beautiful.

Starting pose: To perform exercises, stand up straight, spread your legs not shoulder-width apart, and close your hands in front of you in a circle and close your fingers. Keep your hands so that your elbows are high and your hands are not touching with your palms, but only with your fingers. Round your back slightly so that you can easily keep your elbows up. Now do the breathing exercise and, holding your breath and sucking in your stomach, move on to the basic pose.

Basic pose: Stretch your hands, rest your fingers against each other and begin to press on them as hard as possible. Do not move your hands and apply pressure only with your fingertips. You should feel muscle tension moving throughout your arm from your wrist to your chest. Maintain the pressure for eight seconds, then exhale, relax, and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise three times.

Rules for the exercise:
• Keep your elbows high. Do not lower them, otherwise the pressure will not fall on the muscles of the arms, but on the chest.
• During the exercise, the hands should only touch each other with the tips of the fingers. The palms should not participate in the exercise.

klimbod 11-06-2021 05:06 PM

Bodyflex: Boat Exercise
The Boat Exercise is ideal for those who want to have nice hips. It perfectly tightens the muscles of one of the most problematic and difficult to work out areas - the inner thigh. Usually the muscles in this area are quite flabby and have an unpleasant tendency to "shake" when walking. This is because they are rarely used in everyday life. The Dinghy Exercise is specifically designed to shape and strengthen the inner thigh muscles, relieving them of sagging.

Starting Pose: Sit on the floor and spread your straight legs out to the sides in the shape of a letter "V" as wide as possible. Now, without lifting your heels off the floor, pull the socks towards you and spread them apart, trying to further stretch the muscles of the thighs. Place your hands behind you and rest your palms on the floor. Try not to bend your arms, keep them straight at all times. In this position, perform a five-stage breathing exercise, lower your head forward, draw in your stomach and, holding your breath, move on to the main pose.

Basic pose: Move your hands from behind your back and, slightly bending in the waist area, place them in front of you, palms down. Now, without lifting your fingers off the floor, gradually move them forward, bend lower and lower. If you do the Boat exercise correctly, you should feel a stretch in the inner thigh muscles. Leaning forward as much as possible, hold your breath and count to eight. Then exhale, straighten, place your hands behind your back and repeat the exercise again. Do three repetitions.

klimbod 11-06-2021 05:09 PM

Bodyflex: exercise "Seiko"
Many women are worried about deposits on the thighs, the so-called "breeches". In order for them not to overshadow your life, you can and should fight with them, and the exercise "Seiko" from the bodyflex complex will help you with this. "Seiko" effectively strengthens and tightens the muscles of the thighs, and also removes all excess fat above the knees. It is not for nothing that this exercise received such a name, in translation from Japanese "seiko" means flame. Indeed, during the exercise, a feeling of flame is created in the upper legs. Seiko is especially effective on the outside of the reed.

Seiko Exercise
Starting Pose: Start by kneeling down and resting your hands on the floor. Now straighten your right leg and extend it to the side so that it is at right angles to your body. At the same time, keep your back straight, do not bend your knee, and put your right foot on the floor. Begin the basic breathing exercise, draw in your stomach and, holding your breath, move on to the basic pose.

Basic pose: Raise a straight extended leg to hip level so that it is parallel to the floor. Now pull your leg forward towards your head. At the same time, try to keep your leg as high as possible and make sure that it is always straight. Holding your breath, hold this pose for eight seconds. Then exhale, lower your leg and return to the starting position. Change your leg and repeat the exercise three times on each side.

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