Can You Finish This 30 Minute Hiit Workout?

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Default Can You Finish This 30 Minute Hiit Workout?

Now i am a massive believer in high intensity interval training, it comes with so many health benefits, to much to be ignored and is a massive factor i helping you burn belly fat.

HIIT is even something you can do at home, no gym or equipment needed.

Today iím going to give you one of my favourite HIIT workouts.

Thatís right 30 minutes, not long right? sound good? Before we before begin donít forget to stretch now thatís out the way Lets get Started.

1. Mountain Climbís

With this exercise what you want to do is put your hands shoulder width apart as if your about to do a push up, then bring each knee up one at a time, up to your chest as if your jogging.

45 seconds

2. Squats

Now lets work on that bum, spread your feet shoulder width apart, put your hands together, keep your back straight and bend your legs, try and go a low as you can and bring yourself back up.

45 seconds

3. Push Upís

We now want to work on that chest, so arms shoulder width apart, bend your arms keeping your back straight, go as low a you can and bring yourself back up.

45 seconds

4. High Kneeís Boxing

We all know about jogging on the spot right, but we want to use that upper body too so, start jogging on the spot keep those knees high and punch the air, just simple jabs to keep that upper body moving.

50 seconds

5. Bysical Crunch

Lets work on getting those abs out, lay down on your back, now with your arm by your head bring your left arm and head up along with your right leg so they touch lay back down and repeat with the right arm.

45 seconds

6. Lunges

Now final one, Put your hand on your hips and step back into a lunge bending your knees, you donít have to touch the floor but try and get as low as you can.

50 seconds

Repeat these five times with 30 seconds rest between each round, let that fat just melt away.

This HIIT Training s designed so you donít have to use any equipment and to use your full body t get that heart pumping and burning calories.

Doing this fat loss workout will improve your mood and overall performance as well as helping you reach your goal, ether its too loose fat, get a six pack or just to feel stronger and healthier.
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