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kstephenR 05-24-2019 10:08 AM

Quiet, Smooth, Inexpensive Exercise Bike?
I just moved, and unfortunately, my treadmill will not get much use as there is a wonderful fitness center in my development that has great treadmills. I would like to find an exercise bike to use for my Sufferfest workouts and while watching tv at night. Of primary importance is a smooth, quiet bike, as my exercise room is next to my neighbor's bedroom and while the apartments here are extremely quiet, I don't want to take any chances of disturbing them.
Also, I need something as plain as possible -- I don't need any bells and whistles -- and not too expensive. Any recommendations will be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!

carlamila 05-25-2019 11:22 AM

Todas las bicis estáticas hacen ruido.
Yo la uso en la cocina.
Si. Por las noches y viendo la tv en mi tablet.
Es el lugar de la casa donde menos molesto.
Pero no sé si te habré dado una respuesta que te valga.
Un saludo
Carla Mila

jamesrcurtis 05-30-2019 06:34 AM

Well, this link you posted has a pretty good bike model, so I think you would be fine with it. Or you might want to try Life Fitness C3 Basic upright.

Vader29 05-30-2019 05:07 PM

You should look at garage sales. People are selling exercise bikes ALL THE TIME. You'll find one dirt cheap.

fit4est 12-19-2019 04:43 PM

I would check Facebook marketplace and see if there are any bikes being sold online there. Garage sales, as previously suggested, are also a good idea. Or if you are interested in a new bike I would check out Nordictrack they have a few great exercise bikes that are extremely quiet and offer smooth rides. Good luck with you search, or, if you already found something, let us know what happened.

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