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Default TaeKwonDo

Hi there,

I'm new here. Well started in January. Went away for a bit and now I'm back. Tracking my calories has been a real eye opener as to just how many calories I can consume. I'm also excited about fitday because it makes me think about what I'm eating.. and that I have to be accountable for that mini chocolate bar or that handful of chips because I'm too busy or lazy to make a proper lunch.

So, the point is that I've signed up for TaekwonDo with my daughter.. she's only 10. But, my first class was last Tuesday and my tummy muscles, back, shoulders.. everything still hurts. What a reminder to me of how little exercise I was actually getting! And, how good it feels to use my muscles again! Fitday suggests your burn 600 calories or so with 1 hour of Taekwondo. Does anyone else do it and do you find that to be accurate?

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Not exactly taekwondo, but I've been doing tae-bo. A site I went to suggested an hour of tae-bo would burn about 480 calories. I'd like to hope it would be more than that, considering how heavy my resistance bands are and how fast paced it is. 480 calories seems so minimal for such a heavy workout but it is a lot of fun and I can hardly believe how quickly that hour goes by.
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