Small Changes to Make a Lasting Difference

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Default Small Changes to Make a Lasting Difference

Hey guys, so I have been thinking about the little things I've been doing to get myself just a little bit healthier than I was before. I'd love to share them with you:

-Park as far away from the door as possible - When I go to the store, or to class or whatever, I like to park really far away. I have multiple reasons for this! One, it is more healthy to walk the few extra steps. Two, I hate weaving through lanes of parking spaces to find a close spot, like sheep, and three, I don't like being too crowded in parking lots, because that's more chance that your car can get dinged by another car..

-Take the stairs instead of the elevator - One flight, two flights, however many you have to go up to get to your floor, you might find benefit from taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Also, they are usually much less crowded! I did this last term, when I had a class on the third floor (where each floor is more like 2 floors). My legs hurt like no other when I got to the top, but I felt good about it.

-Don't stay sitting for more than an hour - I like this one because it has a lot of benefits. Even when doing leisure activities like gaming, it is best to take a break every hour and take a short walk, get some water, and rest your mind and eyes for a few seconds. Also keep you active and keeps you from sitting for too long!

To keep the post short, I'll stop there. I think just these three changes can make a huge difference in your life. I challenge you to use these as guidelines in your life!
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Wow! I think the workout with daily routine is a good idea, then heavy workout in gyms.
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dude i agree with you completely it is an argument i make to all my clients. Living in New York City it is especially easy since everything is walking distance!
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I know right
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yes i like the third one too because i do gaming alot so after every 45 minutes i take a little 5 minute break drink some water and do something other to get myself fresh
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I always park far so that is an easy one for me. I need to work on the last one though especially at work
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