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NessaSonic 10-26-2010 09:43 AM

Insanity Workouts
Anyone try the Beach Body Insanity workout DVD set? My gym membership expires this weekend, so I'm looking for a good substitute for a little while before I'm ready to put more money into a gym (plus I'm a little gym-ed out ATM).

Anyways- DO they work well? I hear they're fierce workouts and I'm a bit intimidated reading the reviews online. I can run a 10 minute mile (I know, still pretty slow) and do 5k without a problem. I can do about 15 regular pushups and my legs are pretty strong. I hope I'm fit enough! Think it'll be enough?

JMoxon569 10-26-2010 06:39 PM

Hey. I am currently doing the Insanity workout. I have been doing them for a week and they are very tough, but if you can run a mile and a 5k, you should be ok. I can't do those things, but I can get though Insanity. You just have to do what you can do and keep pushing yourself.

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