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bbycakes 10-08-2010 03:54 AM

working out with a broken ankle
i broke my ankle two months ago and ive just now gotten off crutches and been able to put weight on my right leg.

id really like to lose weight and slim down, but i dont know the best way to go about doing that when i cant really walk or do my usual aerobic exercise. would riding a stationary bike help? i cant think of anything else i could really do at the gym.

id especially like to slim down my legs, so i dont want to be doing anything that would bulk up my thighs or anything.

any help at all would be appreciated

MollySue2 10-08-2010 07:44 AM

Hi bbycakes,

so sorry to hear you have to deal with a broken ankle! I was confined to crutches for about three months a couple of years ago and I couldn't wait to start working out again!
What you maybe could do are strengh exercises on an exercise ball. There are a variety of exercises that require slow movements. You don't want to do any rash movements and risk hurting your ankle as long as it's not fully healed yet. These exercises work your back and stomach muscles as well as your legs and bum area. With many exercises you can lie down, so you needn't put any weight on your ankle. Check out: Free Exercise Ball Workouts

Hope this helps,


missfitt42 10-08-2010 01:26 PM

Babycakes, do you have access to a pool? Maybe you can swim laps? There is also that arm peddling machine at my gym, does your gym have one? It's weird, but a great upper body workout. There is always a way to lose weight. Watch your cal intake, since you can't workout full force right now. It really is just a numbers game.

Luckygir15 10-08-2010 01:49 PM

Just an idea, but maybe try to do punches? I just started the Jillian Mitchael's 30 day shred and one of the 2 minute cardio segments is to squat down a little and punch it out. Seems easy, but it's not and works you out and gives you a good sweat!

Lizzycritter 10-09-2010 01:19 PM

Pilates would be a good choice, and some yoga or tai chi. Low weight, high rep strength training on the upper body would burn some calories. Or the treadmill or elliptical, start slow and stop when the ankle starts to hurt. A stationary bike might be OK but I'm not sure if the pedaling would flex the ankle too much. Maybe a rowing machine? I'd avoid high impact stuff, jumping, running, aerobics etc. Listen to your body and if it hurts, don't do it :) I walk a fine line between working out and hurting myself all the time, it's better to move but you might have to take it slower than you'd like.

noelminneci 10-10-2010 12:47 AM

A few years ago I had a severe ankle fracture and I was able to work around it just fine. Stationary bike is your friend. Eliptical not so good. You can do anything in the gym that can be done seated. If it is affordable, hire a trainer for a few sessions to show you some options. Eat as healthy as you can, lots of protein because you are healing. Do all your physical therapy exercises faithfully. Walk as tolerated. I did well with the treadmill but no running, use the incline. Do floor exercises with the stability ball. Work your abs. It's no fun being injured but you can make it a plus. If you take good care of yourself during recovery, you will have a head start. Good luck!

DYoung1986 10-11-2010 07:04 AM


I suffered from ligament damage to my ankle in May. I didn't really let it heal before playing football and it went again.

Since being able to walk normally again I've found the best thing is incline walking to strenghten my ankle. Dependant on how strong it feels right now, the best exercise I've found is a single leg raise. Standing with your weight distributed on one leg you then raise the other leg out sideways and then lower but do not touch the floor. It's a balance exercise which tones upper legs and glutes. But be sure that you don't try anything to testing while it's healing otherwise, like myself you will be put back quite a way.

Whatever you decide to do you should place Ice on your ankle for 10 minutes BEFORE and after you train to prevent and reduce any swelling you may incur.

Hope this helps and good luck

bbycakes 10-12-2010 11:50 PM

Thanks for all the help guys, you really have some good advice! Ill try some of your suggestions.

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