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charlottes-p 10-13-2010 10:45 PM

Originally Posted by AmySmiles28 (Post 21664)
Hello all you fit fanatics!

I have a question about working out that I hope someone can help me with. Do you take days off from your routine? If so, is it better to take two days in a row off, or break it up? On the days that you don't exercise do you decrease your calorie intake?

I don't take any days off from training; mostly because there is no need, besides finding the time to. Like someone said above, you just need to structure your exercise plan so that certain areas are given a chance to recover, etc. Certainly, the fitter you get, the less recovery time you'll need. I also don't think exercising when you're tired and stiff is a bad idea; there's always UT2 if everything else fails.

If you are going to take days off because you need to recover, then I imagine it would be best to break them it shouldn't take 2 days for you to recover, and you'd just be wasting a rest day.

You should eat depending on how much work you're doing on that particular day, and also what type of work that was.

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