The Wed Club - Weekly Check-in for 08/11/2010

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  • Good morning all you Wed Club members!

    Welcome back to all the regulars and a super warm welcome to any newcomers that might stop by. I hope you all had a fantastic week! Here is a place for you to gather to discuss your little (and big) weekly triumphs, challenges, and just share your general weight loss and fitness related tips and woes.

    I myself had a pretty good week! I am up to running 32 minutes without stopping now and close to running a full 5K. In addition, I had a very easy week food-wise: no temptations to indulge! YAY! I just weighed myself and am down to 182.8 so I lost 2.2 pounds this week! I am pretty excited about that because I usually don't pull off anything higher than a pound.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you today!
  • Rose- that is great! Almost running a full 5k! i hope i get there too! That is amazing!!! Great job with everything and keep it going!

    My week- i am down 1.6 pounds leaving me to weigh 203 pounds. I started at 215 and would love to be under 200 before my boyfriends 30th birthday party on 8/28/10. A few years ago i lost a good amount of weight and got to exactly 200 pounds, which was great for me. But this time i am hoping to get to 190 by october 30th (which is also the 5k run i will be doing!)

    Unlike rose i did not have any easy eating week- there were many temptations because we attended a festival and parties. But i did pack my own snacks and lunch and stayed away from the alcoholic drinks. But the waves are'nt over just yet- this weekend i have a WINE TOUR to attend...What am i to do? Wine is not great to drink esp the amount you drink on a wine tour... I am younger so i am put in this "partying" positions is getting harder...

    On a different note- I am running for 12 minutes. MAN IT IS HARD. towards the end of my run i literally think about passing out, haha. But it feels good to accomplish that! I hate calling it a run- because i dont go very fast- it is more like a jog.

    one last thing- it is that time of the month where i want to eat an entire loaf of bread with nutella on it.. any tips for healthy sweet tooth eats?
  • Newbie here
    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to this thread but not new to Fitday. I like the weekly weigh-in accountability here. Even though I started on Monday I will make Wednesday's my weekly weigh-in day so next week will be my "Official" week #1 weigh-in but as for today I'm already down 1 lbs. in 2 days.

    Off to a good start!!!
  • good for you newbie Glad to have you here!
  • I have had a rough couple of weeks emotionally and feel like I have overcome a pretty large hurdle....I did not turn to food for comfort.

    I went on vacation for a whole 9 days and managed to come back with a weight loss. Very exciting to me. Some people commented on my weight loss others didn't but it was a good feeling to know that it was beginning to show.

    Missed all of is very encouraging to me to meet up with you. Rose you continue to inspire me with your running. I will get there eventually. is life and we will have those parties and stuff once in a while but you are doing great...12 minutes is a big accomplishment. Look at the good stuff and just get back on track and keep it up!

  • Jackie and Kaitlin thank yo so much for your supportive words!

    Kaitlin, running 12 minutes is amazing! I know it's hard. I have been running a minimum of 30 minutes for over 2 weeks now and it's still so hard. Whenever I start, I think, "I might not make it this time. I might have to quit." But then I convince myself to just push through the first 10 minutes, really they are the HARDEST! It's the beginning that is killer, once you push through a certain point it gets easier. I just tell myself that every time I run and believe me I am really more of a jogger myself. Who cares about speed right now? Not me. I just care that I can keep it going and keep improving. It also sounds like we have the EXACT same taste in cheat food. (Nutella whoa!) My favourite healthy sweet tooth snack is mango slices with 1 oz. of dark chocolate (85&#37 or I also really enjoy cherries. They just hit the spot for me. I also love apricots with 1 oz. of almonds or applesauce with 1 0z of walnuts. Another trick is cottage cheese with raisins or dired cranberries and cinnamon. Good luck on the wine tour! (Oh to be young and partying... )

    Jackie, I am so glad you are back and I am simply blown away by your progress. I missed you! And I am sorry to hear that you had a rough couple of weeks emotionally but I could not be more impressed that you didn't turn to food for comfort. That is huge! You have lost 16 pounds, Girl! You rock and that's all there is to it.

    Hello and welcome to you, BoraDeb! So glad to have you and congrats on your great start! How motivating! Looking forward to seeing you here again next week. Same time same place.

    Have a Wonderful Wed, Everyone!
  • Hello everyone,
    (Notice, I am not excluding possible male posters this time?) How are you? I had a good week, it started out rough, bounced through the weekend, but came in strong on the finish. The result was more weight loss! Woohoo! 207.4. My scale winked 207 at me a few times, but it was on the 207.4 mark longest so that's what I'm going with. I wonder if Tanita programmed it to wink lower weights so I stick to my goal? I'm sure they did!

    Here's the thing, parties, life, fun is going to happen. Unless you are a partygirl 7 days a week, you'll probably be ok. Just be careful what you eat the rest of the week, drink (umm taste) your wine and most of all enjoy your outing. If there is dancing involved, I suggest you dance a lot.

    Ok, I am NOT young (44, young enough) so I can't remember what everyone posted.
    Take care, see you next week!
  • Hi,
    I didn't weigh today (and if I don't do it first thing, I don't like to do it at all!). I have one sick kid, so my goal today is just to get some exercise in somehow, probably a video. I did order Shred, thanks to whoever recommended it (I can't remember), but it hasn't come yet. Probably an old Kathy Smith for me today!
    I also ordered New Rules for Weight Lifting for Women, looking forward to getting back to the gym in the morning when I'm not up all night with sick kids!
    Thanks for the check in thread, it is helpful!
  • Way to Go Everyone!
    Well done!

    So glad people are active and busy getting their bodies moving

    I went biking for 10km today - its was quite lovely - again i went right thru my town and felt the eyes starring but i dont care!

    im a speedy bike rider and just kept repeating - "they are in their cars worshiping me"

  • Hi all!
    Rose, thanks for starting the thread while MollySue is having the time of her life (we hope)! You really had a strong week with the running and the eating...keep it up! Katilin, you will be there before you know it! Sounds like you stayed really strong and had a plan...good for you! I don't have much of a sweet tooth myself, but when I do, I usually go for nonfat or lowfat frozen yogurt or a little bit of dark chocolate. I made some homemade granola bars over the weekend that are pretty sweet, too, and they work.

    BoraDeb, glad to have you on board!

    Welcome back, Jackie...bowing to you for losing weight over vacation. That is awesome! 'Nuff said, as I had my struggles with that.

    Missfitt, congrats on movin' on down! Yep, the Tanita people can read our minds .

    aclovell, yep, some days are just "get through" days. You are smart to stick with a simple goal and be there for your little one. Get some rest yourself!

    missdevine, excellent job on the bike. Shoot, I'll worship you; 10K on a bike! Sounds awesome. You are a great example of finding what you love and making it not seem like work.

    I've had a good week and seem to have rebounded from the vacation slip up with the exception of one measly pound. My workouts are still cardio tennis, tennis matches, jogging, and two days with the weights. As I posted in a couple other threads, my main issue this week is not having the energy to do anything; not sure if it's the heat or something else.

    Keep up the great work, everybody, and have a wonderful week !