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missdevine 08-04-2010 09:10 PM

When you lose motivation
Is it just me, or can it be that when the weather is boiling hot, we find great excuses to omit being active?


i hate days like today! :confused:

smooshmcsmeesh 08-07-2010 01:02 AM

That's so true MissDivine! I get really cranky when it's hot outside. And to think, I grew up in Florida... LOL. But I lived in the A/C -- from home, to car, to work & back -- so I guess the terrible humidity and heat was more tolerable.

I find when it's really hot, it just drains me of my energy.

Keep on doing what you're doing... and hope you stay cool! I just read in your other post that you're biking 8k. That's awesome!

Lizzycritter 08-07-2010 02:38 AM

Way back when the hubs was in the military, we lived in base housing in California, no AC. They had this thing called a "swamp cooler" which would make the house feel like a basement if you remembered to turn it on at the buttcrack of dawn, and on hot hot days that poor thing just couldn't keep up. It didn't actually cool the house so much as prevent it from getting hot. Had to put a pan in the hallway to catch the condensation dripping off it too....ahhh memories.... Anywho, on those scorching days, I would take an ice cold bath in the afternoon, wasn't in there more than 10-15 minutes, but HUGE boost to my energy level and mood just cooling off a bit. Survival tip from another military wife and friend at the time.

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