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Default Weight Lifting Routine for a Female


Long-time lurker, new poster. Can anyone help me designing a weight lifting program for myself.

I'm very fit, 5'3" and 112 lbs and pretty tone. My goal is to increase muscle definition.

I've been doing this program:

I'm open to a different program, or making some changes. Questions about this program...
- Is this program enough?
- The dips in "Upper Body B" is really hard on my wrists. Okay to replace with Overhead Tricep Extension (I do it like this)?
- The Deadlifts in Lower Body A & B concern me (seem to cause many injuries). I want to do them, but feel them in my back. Any alternatives or should I study better form?

I love squats, they feel good on my knees, but I don't have a squat rack so I use dumbbells. I assume this is okay.

I do have...
- Olympic weight bench and bar and ample weights
- Dumbbells
- Lat pull down
- Pull up bar (can only do under-hand, over hand hurts my wrist)
- Bike on trainer and Nordic track (yeah, the really old kind, but I love it)

Besides wrists, I'm careful not to do really hard, long lifts. I get crazy-fatigued when I do and have a hard time recovering any energy (very unusual for me).

I hike regularly (have a steep hiking trail on my property) and do sprints. Cardio varies, since my focus is to gain muscle.


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