Weird Overnight Weight Gain

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Angry Weird Overnight Weight Gain

Hey Guys,

Back story first, I was 42 lbs heavier about 2.5 years ago, got a trainer, started training with him and lost a whole person and in the best shape of my life at 35yrs old. I am 113 lbs, 18% body fat, etc.....I have maintained that for almost a year now. In May, I left my trainer as I got burned out and started to just train on my own.
I took down the regimen and started swimming and just lightly training as I was also injured.
I was able to still maintain my body fat and my weight.
Until this past weekend, I worked out intensively for 2 days on Saturday and then yesterday. MY weight has jumped to 117lbs with 19.8% body fat!!!!!!!!!!! I started a new boxing class and finally was able to run 3 miles again yesterday without pain. So yeah, I haven't been this sore in a LONG TIME. I could understand if I had not been working out at all and had gained the weight and now it feels like I am starting over, but that's not the case, I never stopped working out.
I've read that this could be temporary as is a few days because my muscles are so sore and swollen, I don't know what else it could be. MY diet hasn't changed a bit either.
Any one have any ideas?

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Have you been drinking enough water? Sometimes that bit of dehydration causes your body to hang on to water weight. Drinking more water helps.
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It sounds like you have an eating disorder so go to the doctor and get some help. Also the weight gain may be either water weight or the weight of the food that you ate yesterday and is still in your stomach . Btw 3500 cals is a pound of fat so unless you eat 7000 cals in a day you wont gain 2lbs of fat overnight,
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Another thing to remember is that muscle weighs more than fat, and even though you may feel as if it's an overnight thing, it's like weight loss, one day you're a certain weight, the next you're down a couple lbs!
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Drink lots and lots of water it will detox your body and you can also consume green tea or coffee before going bed. This will help you in maintaining weight.
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You can try detox water and also try to drink water at least 9-10 glass daily.
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Are you stressed? Because when I am under stress, I notice a sudden weight gain. I recommend you to take good 8 hour sleep. Apart from this go running in the morning as it is the best cardio exercise.
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