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avery-eisenreich 04-27-2016 12:11 AM

5 Exercises To Build Ankle Strength | Avery Eisenreich
How often do you run on the treadmill at the gym or go for a morning job around the neighbourhood? How often do your warm ups and physical activities involve jumping?

When you perform a movement – whether it is running or jumping – you put a great deal of pressure on your ankles and the surrounding muscles. The strengthening the ankle musculature is thereby crucial because it allows you to withstand greater forces before injury is sustained. In addition the strengthening lower leg muscles will help avoid chronic conditions, such as shin splints and Achilles Tendonitis.


Proprioception can be defined as your ability to realize stimuli arising within your body regarding position, motion and equilibrium. For instance, even if you are blindfolded, your body knows via proprioception when your arm is above the head or down at the hips. Similarly, when you are moving your body into a position that can strain your ankle, increased proprioception can decrease the risk by alerting you of the danger. As a result, proprioception can increase your performance.

Here are 5 exercises you can perform to build ankle strength:

1. Scissor Hops

This is a good way to improve your speed and agility. The exercise is also very easy to perform.

To perform this exercise, assume a lunge stance with one foot forward (the knee must be bent at 90 degrees) and the rear knee nearly touching the ground. It’s important to make sure that the front knee is over the midline of the foot. As you jump, switch the position of your legs – move your front leg to the back and the rear leg to the front. Swing your arms to gain lift. Upon landing, absorb the impact with your legs by adopting the lunge position and repeat.

2. Forward Lunges Using a Chair

This exercise helps increase flexibility in the ankle. Position your injured ankle on a chair. Your knee should be bent and your bodyweight should be shifted forward so that your front knee extends over your toes. Then try to push a little bit further as long as the pain is not too excruciating. Hold the end range for about 30 seconds and repeat.

3. Stand on One Foot

This exercise will help strengthen the stabilizers of the ankle and will improve your proprioception. Begin the exercise by bending your good leg upward. Your injured leg should be the only leg touching the ground. Try to balance on one foot for 2 minutes, twice a day. To progress this exercise try closing your eyes or tossing a small ball or bean bag in the air.

4. Balance Disc

Use one foot to stand on a balance disc for as long as you can without toppling over.

5. Ankle Eversion

Start the exercise with a resistance band around your foot and your feet and ankles turned inwards. Slowly move your feet and ankles outwards against the resistance band as far as possible and comfortable without pain. Repeat.

By Avery Eisenreich

IBJoel 06-02-2016 03:58 PM

I personally am a big fan of one-legged side hops. It's a move from track & field/athletics. You get on the ball of your foot and hop laterally and medially on side side, then switch. Doing them in the sand, especially, tests coordination (as I have found by falling over several times).

SherryTracy 07-20-2016 08:39 AM

Nice share & it is very informative.

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