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Hi everyone first of all I want to hello to all of you. I am John a new member of this great community. I have come up with some questions from all of you I want to gain mass on thighs I am 28 years old and doing workout for almost 2 years but never focus on my thighs but now I am willing to gain mass on thighs and hips and make my legs strong. So I am planning to start with Squats, Lunges, Leg Press and Leg extensions so I am little bit confused what is the best possible ways to do these exercises means how many sets I do and what are the reps for each set and any special meal and protein I take while I training my legs and I am also planning to train my legs twice a week like Saturday and Sunday. So I am waiting good advice's from all of you.
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If you google 'Mens Health,' you can find the online version of that magazine. They have many many articles and advice about the best ways to build muscle. Good luck!
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legs are always a little more difficult but I do it while I'm doing wh at least 20! you need the muscle really strong so take it the charm has to grow!

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Do running and sports involving your legs to get them toned and use to exercise! Be doing squats daily, do squats with no weights for periods of 30 secs then take a 30 secs rest and repeat! After then 3rd 30 sec of squats hold your squat as thought are sitting on an invisible chair for as long as possible! That's your upper legs sorted, for the calf muscle (muscle behind shin) put the balls and toes of your feet on a step or kerb and let heel sink down, hold and lift so you on you tip toes! Do this 30 sec intervals! Using no weights other than your own body weight is great! If you want to really bulk them do squats with weights, this is actually the best workout possible on the human body as releases the most testosterone thus boosting growth, sex drive n power! If you use heavy weights your legs won't gain mass unless you eat over your daily requirement in calories! You can find out you calorie requirement online; 1gram of protein = 4 calories, 1g carb = 4 calories, 1g of fat = 9 calories! Once you know your required calorie intake in order to gain weight you must obtain your calories 50% from carb 30% from protein 20% from fat (healthy fats such as nuts, fish fats etc)
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