The Wed Club - Weekly Check-In for 5/26/10

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Cassie have you ever tried using gliders? They are these circles that you put on the ground under neath the ball of your foot and they are great for doing lunges on linoleum (sp?) floors. They make my legs feel like I can't walk the next day!!
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Arrow The Wed Club - Weekly Check-In for 6/30/10

Good morning Wed Club,

Bring it on, my dear friends!
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rrrrrgh. I haven't really lost any this week right after getting the new scale. it told me i weighed about 197.5. I hope i'm about to get my period, so maybe it's just water retention. I am/was pretty bummed, but I took my inches and it turns out that in a month, not only have I lost 10lbs, but I lost 1.5inches off my waist, 1 off my hips, .5 off my calves, 1 off the biggest part of my belly (right under my bellybutton) etc.

I cannot stress the importance of tracking your weight loss in ways other than the scale- it can really keep you going when you're down.
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NessaSonic you are right. I will have to post some pictures when I get my computer SD port working right. but I took some pictures of myself when I started here just over a month ago and I took some last night and WOW the difference is very noticable and this is just after a month. I will post my WT update on friday and I will try to include some of the pics if I can fix my computer by then.

Everyone else I know I will be looking forward to reading some good sussess stories and I know we will all be keeping the motivation levels way WAY up!!!

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Hi Everyone!

This Wed Club is great because I actually look forward to my weigh-in on Wednesday mornings. I don't even care if I lose or plateau because of posts like yours, Nessasonic. You have done so well and staying the same one week is just par for the course. We will all have weeks like that, but like you said, the scale is not the only measure of success on this journey. Losing inches is so much more significant than losing pounds.

I had such a slow start to this weight loss journey, and I was getting very discouraged but I am so glad that I discovered this forum because I was able to read all sorts of first-hand experiences from people who also had slow starts but who kept going and eventually got results.

That said, I've had a really great week. I have been following the Couch To 5K program, and on Sunday I ran outside in the sunshine for 20 minutes straight without stopping! It felt amazing! I could hardly believe I was able to do it. To me, that is the greatest accomplishment of my week.

As for weight loss, I lost a whole pound! Yay! I am happy because last week I had a big loss (for me) of 3 pounds so I was actually thinking I might not lose this week. I was thrilled to see the 1-pound loss and can't wait to be in the 180's.

Frank, I look forward to seeing your pictures! You are our only male member of the Wed Club. Hope you enjoy that!

Molly, thanks for keeping our club going. I hope you had a great week too!


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Default Ooops!

Thanks Molly Sue for doing this Wed. check-in.

Sorry if I confused anyone by starting another thread with this title. I was just eager to post my one pound loss and see what other people were doing. I see now that Molly Sue seems to be the originator (same as last week) and I just didn't search far enough.

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Cool hello!

i'm new here and i hope we can talk together.
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Welcome weselpower.

I had a decent week. I had a loss of three pounds last week despite not being totally on plan with eating. My exercise has improved, I'm trying to increase my running pace. I started out running at 5.0 and now consistently run at 5.3 or 5.4. I'm hoping to increase my time from 30 minutes to 35 next week.
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My Wednesday Check-In Results- (These are from june 24-June 30..I just started here at Fitday)

Starting Weight: 248
Current Weight: 242.8

Starting Measurements on Left..Current Measurement on Right
Neck: 16-15
Bicep: 14-14
Forearm: 11-10.5
Chest: 50-48
Waist: 43-42.5
Hips: 55-54.5
Thigh: 25-24.75
Calf: 16-16

Total Pounds Lost for this week: 5.2
Total Inches Lost for this week: 4.75
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Good job, everyone, on your progress this week ! Inches, pounds, changes seen in the mirror; it's all in the right direction.

Holding steady here; I've been staying in a 2-pound range for a month or so now. Haven't really felt ready or inclined to take the training wheels off and stop logging, but no rules say I have to. I'm facing a 10-day vacation the end of the month so I need to remember to make good choices and keep up with the exercise. Hopefully the fact of having to be in a bathing suit will make me think about what I put in my mouth !

Take care of yourselves and have a great week!
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