The Wed Club - Weekly Check-In for 5/26/10

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Default Week #9

Good Morning,

Congratulations Rose! A 1.4 lbs loss after a 4 lbs. loss is great! It's taken me 9 weeks to lose 4 lbs.

I am down 2 from last week, but as you can see I've been 2 steps forward 1 step back each week. I'm learning to live with the flucuations as long I keep moving in the right direction. The past 9 weeks have been a big lesson in patience for me, but I keep reminding myself I am not on a diet, I am changing the way I eat, move and live in general. For once I am not putting a time limit on my weight loss. Each week I learn something and I change something and it either works or it doesn't and then I move onto the next week.

C25K Update - I am on Week #8 and still loving it! My runs this week are 28 mins long. Last Friday I did 30 min just because I could and my speed has been slowly increasing. Again a lesson in patience. The hardest part in the beginning of C25K was the "off" days and now I have learned it is all part of the process and I like how it balances out.

I will complete the program through week #9 (next week I graduate). Then my goals are to add 1 day a week so I'm running 4 out of 7 days, with at least 1 day a week completing a 5K (3.1 miles) and then work on my speed when I am comfortably running the 3.1. (My speed does NOT put me at the 3.1 miles at 30 minutes). I will reevaluate from that point.

Also, as a result of my C25K workouts, I am noticing AB definition! Woo Hoo, yes ladies, it is there! They are still covered with fat, but the shape of my body is noticably changing even if the scale isn't moving fast and that keeps me going.

Have a great week everyone!
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Hello ladies!

Rose, I'll say it, any loss is worth celebrating! Like you said, there will be another train. That said, I am sorry you did not reach your expected weight loss goal.

Like you, for the first time, I am not putting a time limit on my weight loss. Just changing how I used to do things in the past with new ideas.

My weekly weigh in is 207.4, which I believe is less than last week. I rode my new bike lots of miles this week. On Sunday I took a 15.5 mile ride. The weather was beautiful! Then I've been riding a mile here and there each day.
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Smile Week #1

So I am a newbie!! I have been working on fitness and weight-loss for about 3 years now- a big cycle of gaining, losing, maintaining, gaining...etc... I decided two weeks ago to get back on track and just today remembered my fit day profile! I want to join a forum where I can get support and keep track of my progress. I weighed 120 at my lowest and at that time got rid of all my clothes that were too big. Now hardly any of my clothes fit! I want to fit in them again, that's more important to me than the weight#. I am currently doing p90x. I started last week but could only manage 2 of the 6 workouts. It's really hard!! So far this week I have worked out twice and am about to do my 3rd. For the sake of this forum I am going to consider this week one for me.

My weekly weigh in is 138
Goal weight is 120 which I hope to achieve by 12/14
which is when I go on vacation to see family

Hope everyone has a great week!!
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Great job, everyone . Rose, you bounced back really well from vacation, and you'll forget that "missed train" feeling once that pound comes off.

Good job on the running, BoraDeb...don't worry about the speed; you're doing it and your body thanks you...believe me! Could you imagine 2 months ago that you would be a runner??

Biking sounds wonderful, missfitt...awesome of you to do something so enjoyable it doesn't seem like exercise .

Welcome, collinsj; huge kudos to you for P90X; haven't tried it but it looks like a beast workout !

Exercise is on plan but I haven't had the greatest week eating...two birthdays in the house this week, so....CAKE! I made one from scratch, calculated the info and logged it, but the sugar was definitely a trigger for the munchies. Yesterday was awful but today's been better. I'm trying a different park for my run tomorrow to change things up a bit and I'm looking forward to it.

Hope you all have a great week!
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Thanks to all my Wed Clubbers for your support and encouragement! I do realize that any loss is a reason to celebrate. The important thing is that I did bounce back from my 3-week vacation aka "Eating Tour of Italy" and I feel really good!

This weekend I have an out-of-town wedding to attend! Yikes. Wish me luck, Everyone! I'll be surrounded by temptations! On the bright side, I have a really pretty dress to wear in a size I certainly would not have fit into just a couple of months ago.

Debbie, your success with the C25K program makes me so happy! I know how good it feels to accomplish this fitness goal and I am thrilled that you are having such a great experience with it. Congrats on your 2-pound weight loss this week!

Missfitt, congrats on your weight loss too and glad to hear that you are enjoying your bike so much! It's such good exercise and it sounds like you are really making great use of your recent purchase.

Collinsj, welcome!!! Glad you could join us. Wow, P90X sounds crazy! I have been doing Jillian Michaels' 30-day Shred a couple of times a week and at first I thought it was super hard but now it's just routine. Of course I don't think it's as insane a workout as P90X but if you keep at it, I'm sure you will start to master it. Keep us posted on how it goes!

Cassie, hope you are enjoying your run today. I hear you about the birthdays. I am facing a similar temtation with the weekend wedding I am attending. It's precisely these challenges that have the most to teach us about living healthy in the day-to-day. I have the same reaction to sugar. I try and avoid it completely because I know once it's in my system, I get major cravings but getting back to healthy eating after a detour is something we should all get really good at!

Have a great day, Everyone!

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[email protected] Eating Tour of Italy. Something tells me you're not talking about the sampler platter at Olive Garden.

I'm new also. I'm not really worried about weightloss, as I'm already smack dab in the middle of my ideal weight, but I'm trying to get on a roller-derby team so I'll be tracking my progress towards that goal.

Last night the team I practiced with did 30 minutes of warm up, 30 minutes of plyometrics, 30 minutes of ladder drills, 30 minutes of an aerobics circuit, skating drills for 30 minutes and 30 minutes of "scrimmage" strategy work.
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Arrow The Wed Club - Weekly Check-In for 10/20/2010

Good morning, long-term Wed Clubbers and Newlyweds

It's this time of the week again! What have you got?

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Default Break on through

Finally! After hovering around 130 lbs for weeks (which I presume was due to muscle gain while working out at the gym), I've finally dropped to 128. Yeah! Hopefully, it's not because my membership at the gym expired and I can't weight lift anymore...

So... unfortunately the gym refused us a group discount, which means that we cannot continue our membership as the normal prizes are way out of our league. Sounds like a lame excuse, I know, but I'm actually pretty bumped . I'm positive that a regular weight lift workout at the gym would have made a huge difference as far as posture, body fat and weight loss is concerned. Ah well, I will keep on looking at other offers...

Anyhow, I'm back to swimming and running (I did a 45 min hill jog this morning with a friend and, hell, was it intense!) and I bought a set of exercise DVDs yesterday which I will start trying out tonight - I keep you updated on how it goes exercising on my own... (that's the part I'm really worried about, I'm so much better when I exercise with a friend, so I hope being accountable to you guys will sufice )

Take care!

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Default I'm Baaaaack

Hello! I'm not sure if anyone remembers me! I haven't posted here for over a month. I have still been working at it, but have been on a serious plateau! I've lost 2 lbs in the last month and almost a half. haha! Anyways- I plan on seriously busting my butt. I want to get down to 169 for Thanksgiving and 159 for x-mas! I'm currently 183, which is 52lbs down from the 235 I started out as I think in March? I can't even remember!

My gym membership also expires this month. My gym is great for the most part, but WAY too expensive. I'm going to try working out at home again with my weights, body weights, trampoline, and dvd's. I'm going to try the insanity workout program after my membership ends on the 31st.

Anyone try that?
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Default Week #10

Good Morning Wed-Clubbers,

I am down another pound - yippee. Slow and steady, and this turtle plans on winning the race no matter how long it takes!!!!

C25K is right on schedule. Just completed W9D2 this morning. Only 1 more run and I officially graduate. I have already downloaded podcasts for the Bridge to 10K, but after previewing them I'm not real crazy about the music. So I'm going to stick with my original plan of adding time and speed (and a 4th day) to my 30 min runs until I'm comfortably running 3.1 miles (5K) regularly and then I will move to the B210K. And hopefully I'll have found time to make my own podcasts by then - LOL.

Now that I've hit a 5 lbs. loss (FINALLY), will any of you share some of your personal rewards for goals that you've hit? I would like to work towards something to make it more enticing and to give myself better leverage when I have a moment of weakness.

Can't wait to read about everyone else's week!
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