Strength training as exercise

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Default Strength training as exercise

Because of my sport, many of my workouts focus around strength training. I do a lot of isometric exercises, and want to be credited for it by Fitday.

My questions are:
1) What can I enter something like a plank hold as on the Fitday exercise tracker? If there is no entry, how many calories/min do I burn in a plank? (I can select a different activity that will credit me in the same way).

2) I know that planks aren't designated as aerobic, but I hold mine for up to five minutes without stopping (for front - I do up to three mins for each side), and by the end I'm shaking and sweating profusely. My breathing gets pretty weird too, but I'm not panting - it's just hard to breathe because I shake more by inhaling. So does this constitute legitimate exercise? I'm pretty sure my pulse is elevated
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Everyone is different with the amount of calories they burn during exercises. I googled planks, and it said anywhere from normal resting metabolic rate to 5.9 cals/minute.

I find the fitday estimates are wildly under for me - it gives aerobic exercise as 7 cals/minute I think, when my real burn is more like 13 cals/minute (I think I usually need to enter it as vigorous rowing, or something like that). However, they may be more accurate for you, or for others.

The best way to know if you're burning calories and elevating your heart rate is to buy a heart rate monitor (HRM) and wear it when you're exercising. It will measure your heart rate and see if it's elevated, and give you a calorie burn number based on your specific parameters such as age, height, gender, etc.

HRMs are not too expensive, but they do cost some money. If it's worth it to you, you might want to buy one. Otherwise, others won't really be able to estimate your burn, even though it sounds like you're working hard.
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I think regular exercise schedule may help you to reduce weight. You can follow simple light food diet plan for emphasizes your muscles. If you eating schedule is twice a day then you can increase it three times a day.

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I am doing workout for strength gaining for my Triathlon Workshops NY 2016. The exercises recommended include the skorts, balance and lot of healthy food.

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