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tegandunneay1 05-05-2014 05:29 AM

Is this enough?
I have recently changed my exercise routine and I am wondering if what I am doing is enough. I am already slim, I'm 171cm and 52kgs so I don't exercise to lose weight I do it to be healthy and to maintain my current weight. I used to do 3-4 intense cardio/weight work outs each week but I found my body got to a point and didn't get any better from there and also I became so bored with it and really hated it and also found that I couldn't commit to it with full time work (lazy I know.)

So recently I changed my routine, I now do platies once a week, yoga once a week and an intense weight work out once a week. Every second week I also do a spin class as well as the above. What I am wondering is, is this enough? I eat very well, my only indigence is alcohol on the weekends (more than I should) I absolutely love the routine I have now, yoga and Pilates have already been so beneficial to posture and so on and I can see my arms becoming more toned and event for mental wellness. I just wanted to know if people think this is enough for someone of my size who just wants to stay this size, get a little more toned and be healthy?


lildebbieg 05-05-2014 12:14 PM

Since you are not trying to lose weight (in fact you could stand to gain a little since you may be underweight for your height?), you can certainly get away with doing less exercise than someone who is trying to lose weight/body fat. However, the amount of exercise required to maintain your current level of body fat and muscle tone will most likely vary from person to person. My personal opinion, do what you're doing since you're clearly enjoying the current routine and see if it's enough to maintain. If you continue to follow a healthy diet I think it could definitely be enough!

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