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pennfitresearch 12-05-2013 04:37 PM

Ask a personal trainer
Hi everyone,

We are a team of Wharton Business School students working with a group of researchers and certified personal trainers to explore ways to help people exercise more effectively and safely using simple technology.

If you would like personalized advice on your workout form/technique, have a smartphone with video capability, and are willing to participate, please:

(1) Have someone take a short video clip of you doing 5 reps at a weight you are comfortable lifting doing any exercise

(2) Include any goals, issues, or questions you might have in your email

Everyone who emails a clip to us will receive feedback from one of our trainers based on the clip and/or your questions. Additionally, the first 20 respondents will receive a 10-minute phone session with one of our training experts to give you feedback and maximize the effectiveness of your workout.

Your submissions will be strictly confidential and not used for any other purpose or distributed without your explicit consent. To be clear, this is just for research purposes. We just want to see whether this approach to receiving advice might help people, and we’re hoping that active communities like this one can help us understand how this might work. Although we are providing qualified advice, we are not soliciting money and there is no service or product to promote. Mods, please let us know if this violates any terms you have.

Thank you

01gt4.6 12-05-2013 05:04 PM

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Thank you.

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