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rabbidchicken69 06-03-2013 02:10 AM

simplefit simple nutrition
Back on the Simplefit bandwagon made it to level three before falling off. following a paleoish diet not real strict about seventy percent. Lost sixty lbs eating this way basically been doing the three days of Simplefit a week and during the rest days during the week been doing a half hour to hour on a elliptical not real intense just enough to get sweaty I have a active job also I walk all day long at varying speeds and am constantly squatting lifting and climbing stairs for nine hours a day. Staying on level one until I can do proper pullups and would like to add in some weight lifting once I got the $ for a bar and plates. I'm sure someone will say I'm "overtraining" but my rest days unless its just the weekends turns into rest weeks and rest months so I'm best off pushing myself during the week and resting on the weekends. Helps my diet stay on track during the week too if I'm working out I have a tendency to eat crap on my rest days also another reason working out five days a week. Just looking to meet folks to discuss recipes workout routines nutrition etc. I used to do the whole "protein" shake for post workout but I'm sticking with the al kavadlo post workout smoothies basically 8 oz coconut milk a handful of berries and a banana and two tablespoons of a nut butter or half a avocado. My diet consists of roughly 50-25-25 half fat and each quarter protein and carbs. Most of my days are from animals and nuts with little to no oils except in my morning omellete.

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