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SCIrwin 02-20-2013 04:12 AM

Anyone in here living Paleo?
Would love your thoughts on FitDay and the nutritionists. Thank you.

WritingWeaver 02-20-2013 06:18 AM

Hey there, just joined today (well, yesterday I suppose as it's past midnight). Just wanted to say yes, I had been eating paleo for about a month and a half before Christmas. Sadly I let it go for a week or two, but now I'm back in the swing of things and I feel great! It's an amazing way of eating and in my opinion it provides so much energy! :D

sault_girl 02-26-2013 04:03 PM

Not strictly paleo; I haven't given up dairy at this point, but I feel so much better since I cut out processed foods, grains, sugar, and chemicals (like artificial sweeteners). I have more energy (especially later in the afternoon at work) and I'm more satisfied with what I eat. I eat a fairly high-fat diet since I have some weight to lose.

Henrybishop 02-28-2013 09:48 AM

In Paleo diet or caveman diet is probably for the non-vegetarians as they go for lean meat for protein, fish. There are vegetables more but nowadays the vegetables and fruits are not like the previous times, it probably lacks the vitamins and nutrition. But again paleo is good diet to lose weight, but you have to know the various types of recipes.

Oz-09 03-02-2013 07:10 PM


Originally Posted by SCIrwin (Post 95893)
Would love your thoughts on FitDay and the nutritionists. Thank you.

I've been doing primal for sometime (>3 years) and low carb before that. But I only recently worked out why my weight loss had stalled (for more than a year): I had to restrict my protein intake and then I lost the remaining ~40 lb that I wanted to lose. Like the others who've posted here, I love my diet, my lifestyle. I eat a little dairy which is why I don't call it paleo but often it is strictly paleo

And of course, it's not always so easy to keep all weight off. Things happen. I'm now wanting to lose 15 lb. So I came back to Fitday and things have changed (in the program) a lot. Somethings have been moved out of the standard program and they're trying to promote their sales. The ads are the biggest difference. IT's hard to do anything without being chased by an ad. I'm going to try it for a week. See whether I want to pay for ad-less Fitday or what.

angilulu 03-02-2013 10:40 PM

I have a paleo/primal lifestyle with a focus on whole foods. I signed up for FitDay as a requirement for a class I was taking and now I use it more just to see the the breakdown of protein to fat to carb ratio in my diet.

However recently I decided to read a few of the articles they provide and was dismayed to say the least. Their "Coconut Oil, Just the Facts" is in fact, not just the facts. And the information it does provide is bias and inaccurate. I am someone who has grown such a passion for learning about the truth in respect to our food, I had hoped FitDay (as a site meant to improve and empower people through health) would not subscribe to present day marketing dogma. It is unfortunate we have to actively seek it out the truth on our own.

Although perhaps this is actually a blessing. We should all be responsible for creating our own health and lifestyle. Yet it is hard to ignore the dogma of the past 60 years and to accept that almost everything you believed in relation to health and food is mistaken. When I first started researching current issues and health paradox's I was a little taken aback and tried to deny it. Yet I have found that if you look at the real unaltered science and look at the results without bias there is a clear pattern. Not to mention hundreds of years of data.

Primal/paleo whatever you chose to call it is my lifestyle, and I wouldn't have any other way and it makes sense to me logically, and honestly even if I couldn't explain it scientifically I would still chose this lifestyle because it is simple, and makes me feel my absolute best, mentally, emotionally and physically.


tandoorichicken 04-11-2013 06:49 PM

For anyone looking for more paleo/primal resources, there is a thread here in the diet section. I bumped it up so it should be easily found on the first page.

KarencitaH 04-11-2013 11:54 PM

Maybe 80% as I consume occasional dairy and work can be a challenge with Paleo. Unfortunately, my results were not all that I had hoped for but I definitely feel better eating clean. I've had some struggles in determining the correct amount of carbs so I need to track those closely and Fitday helps in that area. I've been a slacker for the last 6 months and I finally caved and ordered a Fitbit so I thought I would start up again with Fitday. I'm hoping for better results than last time. :-)

jamsrich 04-12-2013 11:36 AM

I love to live paleo diet because in contains many type of vitamin, minerals and other nutrients.. 04-27-2013 09:50 AM

It's about living it
I like the way the initial question is framed. Paleo is a lifestyle, not just a diet. It encompasses a broaght set of values and practices which bring you more in touch with yourself and the planet. It's about working out what's right for you and taking responsibility (e.g. things like how much dairy, how many carbs) rather than a rigid dogma. Like most big changes it takes time to embed.

I've been adopting a Paleo mindset and lifestyle for the last year or so. I've experienced some really positive benefits (no more yeast infections, better energy levels, better skin), but weight loss wasn't really happening till I made the connection with how many carbs I was eating, and also allowing myself to eat a lot more fat. The Swedish LCHF diet puts a lot more emphasis on eating fat, and since I heard about it I've been making sure I have a substantial fat intake (combined with carbs under 20g). What I'm eating not only tastes great, it's satisfying and I'm starting to see changes in my body shape. I feel like someone just handed me the keys to good health.

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