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lalaimalo 10-06-2012 06:52 PM

The Renegade Diet
Hello Everyone! This is my first time on here and wanted to share that I started the Food For Fat Loss Diet (from the creator of Athletic Greens - Chris the Kiwi) last week, but switched over to the Renegade Diet (by Jason Ferrugia) today. They are similiar diets in that they target maximum fat loss with low carbs but, I like the Renegade Diet better because it incorporates intermittent fasting (IF) which I enjoy and believe in. I'm 230 lbs at 19% body fat. My goal is to be at 15% body fat by 30 OCT, when I take my physical fitness test (I'm currently active duty Army). For my training program this month, since my weekest event in the fitness test is the run (the three events are push ups, sit ups, and a 2-mile run), I have incorporated high intensity cardio training for 3 days, and weight training (MRT - targeting the core) for two days each week.

This website was recommended by the Renegade Diet and I am happy to be on here! I hope to be inspired by you all, inspire and motivate others, and to make new friends that share the same interests of living a healthy and fit lifestyle!

RunbikeSki 10-08-2012 07:04 PM

Welcome lalaimalo,

WOW you must be in some awesome shape :D.

Thank-you for your service to our country.

Many of us have found that lower carbohydrates is the key. Since most of the snack, dessert and junk food items are carb heavy, when I just cut those out of my diet (and be mindful of too much starch with my meals) I can usually meet my goals.

If you want a little encouragment (or an occassional kick in the butt) check out the exercise forums. There is a thread for running and walking, we'de be honored to have you join us.

1dwing 10-08-2012 07:31 PM

I thought lorenzo lamas started a new diet fad. :)

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