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elaine1112 07-24-2012 12:36 AM

carb free weight loss works
:Hi like so many other women pregnancy weight triggered yo yo dieting, calorie counting, pounding the gym. Weight up weight down, on and on, same old story until I met a friend and didn't recognise him. He had been on the dukkan diet and in 4 months had shed 56 lbs. Last year after this meeting I bought the book and it made sense, burn up the fat! First time round I lost 38 lbs but what I didn't learn was that if you start a low carb diet its for good! I put all the weight on as I returned to eating pasta and bread. I started the dukkan five days ago and have lost 5 lbs but this time I recognise low carb eating needs to be a lifestyle or the weight will not stay off ! If anyone else has started a carb fee diet let me know ! Elle:)

richardwhite33 11-17-2021 09:08 AM

Eat less

Michael6419 02-08-2022 04:33 AM

Why we get fat?
Why we get fat, here I told you the biological truth that why we’re getting fat.
  • First thing was that we think we get fat by eating unhealthy, junk foods which are not 100% true but the truth was that after eating the meal at night we go to our bed for sleep without doing walking or exercise. That thing gets fat on our body because the meal that we eat could not digest properly.
  • The second was that if we do not follow a proper pattern our life becomes too busy that we could not get time for ourselves. In the morning we just go to work and when we come back home at night we eat dinner and just sleep which is not good for our health. Our body becomes fatter by this routine.
Science told us that time management was very important for us. Sleeping on time, waking up early in the morning, and going for a walk daily is the way to keep ourselves healthy and a way to lose all the body fats.

MarryTitcher 04-01-2022 09:12 AM

Good advice, I'll bring it

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