green coffee bean extract?

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Well here it is about 5 weeks later, and I'm up a couple of pounds from when I started with the green coffee bean it's looking pretty sad right now. It doesn't appear to be doing anything. Even my blood sugar is back up...
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I started green coffee bean extract a week ago because I'm trying to lose my last 15 pounds. I'm experiencing no side effects. If you buy the pure kind, it has no ingredient other than the green coffee bean extract which contains chlorogenic acid. There's very little caffeine, unlike diet pills - it's way less caffeine than a cup of coffee. It claims to reduce blood sugar and helps the liver to break down fat. But there are incredibly limited studies on this and could well be just the latest "gimmick". I'll check in after a month or two to let you know whether it's helping. Ultimately, I intend to keep eating healthy and walking. Or as I like to say to myself "stop stuffing my pie hole".

I also love the Fitday goal weight tracker and food log. I've been using it for years and it's fantastic
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I also fell for this. I bought a bottle and started taking it. I did feel less hungry, but after a week, I realized that it made my joints hurt. So I stopped and later tried it again and had the same results. I don't think I did it long enough to see any weight loss, but the joint pain will keep me from using it.
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I saw this promoted by Dr. Oz, so I tried it. It seemed I lost a few pounds that I had gained. I am curious how it might work. I will check out the blood sugar theory.
I did not have 17 pounds to lose, so I am still using the product, and I anticipate buying it again
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Default Green Tea

I have been taking the green coffee extract for three weeks. I am losing weight, but at a good rate of approx 2 pounds a week. The main thing to look for was having Svetol as the key ingrediant and you don't need more than 50%.

At first I had a few side effects (like light headed) but if I made sure I drank 8 oz of water within 30 minutes of taking them the effect stopped. I make sure to take them 30 minutes before breakfast and then 8 hours later before dinner. That seems to keep my hunger in check - but if I don't eat you still will get headaches from blood sugar dropping.

The main difference I see is that I feel that I have more energy. Since I was one that really had to force myself to take time to exercise, it has given me just enough boost to work out. And I feel like I have more umph during exercise. I can't say how much of this has to do with the pills and how much is eating better.

My opinion for me is that it keeps my hunger within my control and allows me to make better choices because I don't have major hunger cravings that end in me overeating anymore.

I guess I just am treating it like any other supplement and keep my up with my journaling food and exercise.
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Originally Posted by raulndee View Post
Has anyone actually tried this? I saw it on Dr. Oz and it sounds good, but things on tv are not always what they seem and I was wondering if anyone here has any opinions on it. I did a search to see if there was a post already and it came up with no matches, so if there is a post already please link me to it.
I hear people are getting results with it but I haven't tried it myself yet. I will do some digging and get back to you.
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