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Dan-24-uk 06-01-2012 08:26 PM

New to the forum - Help with my my new daily food!
Hi Guys,

First of all, this is my first post, so please be gentle!

I used to be as fit as a fiddle, reguarly playing sport. I shattered my kneecap and lost all forms of exercise and it was just as i was turning 18, so I was beggining to go out drinking with friends and for food, i ate really unhealthy and piled on the weight! Hence me trying to lose it.

Now I have been looking at all sorts of diets and trying to work my way around things, but I have kind of made my own daily food plan and wanted to run it by you guys for any advice?

Morning: Cereal with skimmed milk
Lunch: 100g of brown rice, as much (frozen) veg as I can fit into my pan and a chicken breast, sometimes plain, sometimes marinated in fajita flavour powder.
Dinner: 100g of brown rice, as much frozen veg as i can fit into a pan, microwave noodles (360 calories) and a chicken breast again.

I also eat 3/4 apples throughout the day.

Now I have only started this recently, so havent noticed any results yet, but I was wondering if you think this is a good plan as I am enjoying eating this at the moment!

Thanks in advance


cjohnson728 06-01-2012 08:34 PM

Hi Dan, I've been told I'm gentle ;).

Welcome to FitDay. We're glad to have you along.

First off, let me say that anyone's food plan has to be what works for them. So if you enjoy this, and if it works for you, by all means, do it :). Congrats on deciding to come here and to make some changes...that's the ever-important first step.

However, if this stops working for you, or if you get bored, one thing I would try first would be to put some healthy fats into your diet. The whole low fat craze has been and gone and newer research says that having monounsaturated fat in your diet is very healthy. In fact, saturated fat isn't even thought to be as bad as it was previously, but that is more equivocal than the unsaturated if you're looking for a change, add in some nuts, nut butters, avocado, and olive oil. And I can say that after years of low fat, low fat, low fat, the best I ever did in losing was when i added those healthy fats back in there.

Variety in food and exercise is very important, as is finding the right balance of protein, fats, and carbs. But the bottom line is the calories; after that, it's just fine-tuning.

Poke around the site, jump into some forums, and don't hesitate to ask if you have questions. Look forward to seeing you!

Dan-24-uk 06-01-2012 08:40 PM


Thanks for getting back to me so quick.

I am totally clueless when it comes to cooking and knowing what is in food, this is ideal for me at the moment as I can cook it just about!

I have been told to eat some plan cashew nuts in the morning as well, but im not sure at all!

The main change for me is actually eating breakfast, as this week is the first time in 2 years that I have actually had any!

I am getting back into the gym and working out 3/4 times a week, so hopefully i will notice some improvements with this diet plan and going to the gym!

cjohnson728 06-01-2012 08:48 PM

Honestly, it sounds like a great start. The gym, eating breakfast, and just overall awareness of what you're eating will take you a long, long way. It's one step at a time and a learning process to boot. Seems like you are on your way!

Dan-24-uk 06-01-2012 08:56 PM

Thanks for that, so you say that for now the food im eating is a good start?

Is it ok to put in as much frozen veg as humanly possible into my evening meal?

Looking forward to getting some tips and looking around the site for new meals that can help!

The main thing is cutting down the calories I suppose...

Its an improvement on KFC for dinner and a Dominos Pizza for tea :D

tandoorichicken 06-01-2012 09:55 PM

Hey there Dan from UK!

As Cassie has said, you are off to a great start! Awareness and changing bad habits is a great place to begin no matter what your goal, diet-related or otherwise.

One thing I can recommend (based on personal experience) is to load up on foods that fill you up and keep you feeling satisfied up until your next meal. An example of how to do this practically is to eat your veggies and chicken before you dive into your rice, instead of the other way around. You might find that you're too full to even touch your rice after the meat and veggies! And of course, loading up on veggies is never a bad idea :)

Good luck!

Dan-24-uk 06-01-2012 10:17 PM

Excellent, thanks for that advice :)

Do you do any set workouts in the gym?

I havent yet, but I have been writing down my "plans"

15 minutes on the runner
15 minutes on the cycle
2 sets of 12 reps on the weights (mixing it up every week)
10 minutes on the rower

tandoorichicken 06-01-2012 10:39 PM

I just started training for a half-marathon so all of my cardio is done outside in the sun. That way I get my daily vitamin D too! My focus in the gym right now is work endurance and lower body training to get my running muscles adapted to stress. I usually specialize to movements / activities rather than muscle groups and always do my cardio after my lifting so I can give 100% effort on each rep.

If you are looking to build a good base of strength I would recommend you peruse the articles over at EliteFTS. It's a powerlifting site mainly but has many good general fitness and nutrition articles, including how to work around different types of injuries (such as knee injuries).

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