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Kathy13118 02-02-2012 05:15 PM

'So although I think it is possible to lose weight on WW, they have no financial interest in getting their dieters down to goal and into maintenance. It's a conflict of interest for them. IMO this is the fly in the ointment of the entire dieting industry.'

I think the opposite of this is true. WW can't survive on people trickling in to try out the program. They survive on word of mouth and the presence of weight loss winners in the group meetings. If WW told you that it was important to show up for meetings (and they do stress that all the time!) and you went to meetings and never saw weight losses occurring in the members who follow the plan, you'd be too discouraged to continue.

What's the ever present carrot (as in the carrot and the stick) is reaching your goal and maintaining long enough to be a lifetime member. I have a friend who's dream is exactly that - she wants that lifetime membership. She has friends who have made that and even a friend who is a lifetime member and now a WW leader!

Every WW meeting, the leader congratulates people on whatever goal they achieved that week, whether it is related to weight loss or not. It may seem childish to get a star for gaining weight that week but resisting overeating at a company party, but that's what gets rewarded. The emphasis is on one step at a time, small changes adding up to big changes over time.

Every WW meeting theme (some goal to tackle or some attitude to change about food and how it leads to eating too many calories) is shared at every WW meeting across the country. If they talk about changing behavior - for example, eating more slowly to enjoy the taste of your food more - then that same topic is being discussed at all the other meetings that week. There's a small pamphlet that's given to every member who attends the meeting, about that topic.

There's nothing radical there. All the steps are small and manageable for most people. And if not manageable for you, then the meeting is the place that is discussed. Or the leader can discuss it with you right after the meeting, and offer suggestions and ask pertinent questions. It's not rocket science. They do everything they possibly can, and if you still need reinforcement, there's an online website for members. Complete with every kind of meal planning, recipe, and support forums.

I'm a dieter who knows how to work loopholes in a diet.I still haven't figured out how to beat the math of just adding up what you eat and owning up to it. By the way, Fitday does the same thing when it reports your running deficit (your goal calories for the day, how many calories you've eaten and what you have left)! Which is great.

frenchhen3 02-24-2012 10:24 PM

Originally Posted by wildbeanerz (Post 71364)
Thanks for the input! I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on something. Cuz I mean, heck, if I can eat like 5 bananas a day and not have to count their calories I wanted to know about that! :) IMO points or not, the calories still add up. And if you ate more calories than you burned you will not lose the weight.

I don't argue with people. I tell them my side or my reason why I'm doing what I am and let them ask more if they want to know. Yeah, my loss has been reasonably slow compared to some other people but it is working for me. I haven't had a serious rebound an am still losing. Slow and steady. I have times where I get stuck but I figure if I maintain through them that is success as well. And I am hoping that as I exercise and build muscle that I am tightening my body so as not to have excessive skin when I get to where I want to be.

And that is why I like reading your posts!

Myschll 02-24-2012 11:53 PM

I don't think it does work. I think it's a flaw in the points plus diet. I can't lose weight on WW. I use the Dukan Diet which is the diet that Princess Kate and her mother did before the Royal Wedding. It's great, I lose weight and I don't crave junk.

jessicaonadiet 02-25-2012 01:06 PM

I have done WW several times and I never lose weight on it. I was told that the best thing is exercise so went down that route. Now I do Curves...that way I have freedom to eat most things (within reason!!) and also tone up!

jessicaonadiet 02-25-2012 01:08 PM

p.s - the site I found which helped me find my best diet was Rank My Diet Suprisingly it got it spot on! Free so worth a shot!

VitoVino 02-25-2012 01:12 PM

I've lost 40 pounds using FitDay and am about 5 pounds over what I weighed in high school. Using FitDay the BEST "DIET" out there. :cool:

Kathy13118 02-26-2012 05:05 PM

Using Fitday helps you make better choices. There's no contradiction with WW there!

tfitz100 05-07-2018 10:10 PM

Originally Posted by Rubystars (Post 71197)
I think it's cruel for Weight Watchers to set that woman up for disappointment. Bananas are usually at least 100 calories each. If it's a big banana it could be more like 120. All she has to do is eat 4 bananas and she'll be eating about one third to one fourth her daily calories for "zero" points, then if she spends all her points for the day on top of that, then she'll wonder why she's not losing weight, because she was following the diet! I wonder if this is why people come away with the false impression that diets don't work.

I don't think Weight Watchers is really setting her up for disappointment--if she eats 10 bananas a day and doesn't lost the weight she sets out to lose, she has to look at her diet and why she would believe something like that--these things do call for some common sense!

The WW new system is designed to be less "hassle" when used within reason. Apples for instance are zero points, but you can't eat 20 a day and if you think you can, you're not keeping within the spirit and intent of why it's zero points.

Being zero points means not having to remember to track it (i.e. certain fruits, vegetables, certain fish, etc.) because these things are negligible when stacked up against what really makes people gain weight. As another poster said, it's a focus on a healthy lifestyle and encouragement to focus on the foods that shift the body to lose weight.

I know people in the program that don't track foods, they just use the "Zero Points" food list and they tick off 2lbs/week with mild exercise (walking, lifting weights, etc.) in almost a perfectly predictable cadence. It's almost a mindless program at this point (which makes it very good as all of the macro nutrients have already been collapsed down into a single integer).

I *get* the initial reaction people have though...If you take it at face value only and just read the text, then one can say "well I can eat 30 pieces of fruit a day because that's what it says on the paper". That's just not how it's supposed to work. I don't think most people think that to be honest.

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