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desertmountain 03-13-2010 05:35 PM

Anyone doing Dr Amen's Ultimate Brain/Body Makeover?
I'm watching Dr Amen on PBS right now, a show called Change your Brain Change Your Weight. It's very interesting. Has anyone bought his books or DVDs? How is it working for you? I'm thinking about getting the DVD set but since it's expensive I'd really love to hear what you guys think about his program and weight loss/maintenance approach. Is it worth the cost do you think?
Here's his website Amen Clinics
Any and all comments will be appreciated~thank you.

cjohnson728 03-13-2010 06:44 PM

I don't know about this program, but in years past he was all over ADHD and Bipolar Disorder, as well as other psych diagnoses. Sounds to me like he is Dr. Phil with a little more research behind him. Not to say that his stuff doesn't work, but research it carefully (read reviews, etc.) before you spend the money.

Lizzycritter 03-13-2010 06:46 PM

Just visited his website, his main focus seems to be pushing his own supplements, which for me is a bit of a red flag. But I will grant you that a lot of what's behind obesity is mental/emotional/behavioral, so the behavior modification exercises are probably well worth it. Unfortunately couldn't see a lot of "real" info, a lot of pseudoscience or things that look well-researched but don't really hold up to scrutiny for me. You can find a research study to back whatever you want. If it were my money, I'd probably start with buying a book before I chip in for the dvd's or supplements.

desertmountain 03-14-2010 06:44 PM

Good points Cassie & Lizzycritter - I'm going to wait until I hear first hand from ppl who post here or on other weight loss groups regularly how it's helped or not helped them. Looking online I couldn't find posts from ppl who were definitely not 'plants' (something my son taught me-ppl from a company will join a group, post all about their product as if they're a consumer, but you don't see any or many other posts from them.) With money so tight right now, I need to spend it wisely

almeeker 03-15-2010 12:56 AM

I hate to say it, but you might be better served by a really good low calorie cook book or a workout video. I've never heard of this guy, but I'll ask my sister-in-law next time I see her, she's tries them all.

mindyb827 04-10-2010 11:58 PM

I saw the PBS special too.. The concept sounds great, I have even been trying to take a regular Vit. D supplement since I saw the show. I bought the book yesterday on Amazon, so I am waiting for it to come in the mail. I agree with most people there is no one diet that is going to work for everyone. The truth is that Amen does tell you anything different than exercise, eat well and take supplements, which all nutritionist are going to tell you. What interested me, as a nurse is that the arguments that he makes for the reasons that you take certain supplements really make since... I will let you know what I learn from the book, and if I think it is worth the money:o

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