Easy diet to follow and it works

  • I've been on every diet I think there is, over the last 30 years. I've lost a lot of weight too, but always gained it back, like so many of us do. I've done Atkins since it first came out in the 70's, about six times and lost a lot of weight on it, WW several times, plain starvation (with help of diet pills) water diet, cabbage soup diet, I could go on and on but now I'm not dieting for vanity, but to take the extra weight off so my knees don't have to support all the extra baggage. I just decided to do the one thing I've never really done, count calories and try to eat those calories in simple, easy foods with at least being a little balanced. Anyway I came up with this and it's working for me and I have no problem staying on it.
    For BF I eat a Quaker oatmeal bar 99cal. or either the instant oatmeal 120 cal. For lunch, the Progresso soup thats around around 100-120 calories with 10 or 12 saltine crackers, I don't eat supper but I have two or three of the string cheese which I peel slowly and eat, then about three (4 crackers in all) graham crackers which I break off a little piece at a time and let it melt in my mouth. Eating these things slow while I'm like watching tv or reading plus after lunch and at night I eat a light yoplait yogurt, vanilla is really good. Eating these things slow really works! I end up with 1,000 or so calories. I can have more but this is all I need. Just wanted to share what is working for me. I feel good while I'm eating this way too. It's not a diet you have to stick to just look up different foods and keep it under 1200 or more if your active. This may not be what works for a lot of people but it sure works for me. I've lost 30 lbs so far since Oct.
  • Congrats, it is nice to finally find something that works.

    I suspect that logging your food helps too!
  • wigsgranny. there's nothing green in your diet try adding things like bell pepper, cucumber, stir-fried cabbage.... i eat a lot of cabbage, just shredded and stir fried with some soy sauce, you can eat your fill on veggies, one cup has like 20cals and keeps you full for long
  • Yup, maintaining a fairly large daily calorie deficit and using FitDay to track it works, period.

    While I personally think there are better food choices than saltines and graham crackers, we each need to find what works for ourselves and what we can live with.

    Congrats on your success thus far and keep it up!

  • Thanks guys! Yes, I agree I should add more veggies, and I will as soon as I get my mindset right. I just need to get the diet going good and then I'll start adding some things that I need, but staying within my calories. Something else I do if I have a day that I'm just really hungry (I'm sure we all have those) I will eat a whole can of green beens. It's low in calories and good for you and it stops the hunger before you decide to binge. That has always been my problem. If I let myself get too hungry, all reason goes out the window and I start grabbing whatever I can then there goes my diet...again.
  • Quote: I will recommend to the women the use of the HCG diet.
    Because the use of the HCG diet is really helpful for the women to lose the weight.
    But why pay money for something when just eating properly and being active will achieve the same results with a lot better nutrition for the body?
  • Good thought, Vito.

    Good to see you, waynegretzky.
  • no
    this 1 not for me
  • Try adding half an hour of walking everyday, listen to music or a book tape from the library if you find it boring!
  • What is your diet like?....I like your weight loss