5 Days 5 Foods 6 pounds

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Default 5 Days 5 Foods 6 pounds

This is for those who experessed an interest in my results. I'd rate the plan a 9 out of 10. I don"t give 10s. LOL

WOW This is long. I'm glad I don"t have to redo it! Just wanted to add I'm not sure why they call it a detox. It is good for reducing cravings andpicking up some good new habits, however I have no idea on it's detox value.

I used this because my weight has been bouncing between 165 and 170 since about April. Also the last time I lost weight I got stuck at this point for over a year and a half then started regaining. I was getting back some of my bad habits. I'm hoping this will be the boost I need to get into the 150s.

Physical Results: 6 pounds lost since Monday = from 166.8 to 160.8; waist from 33" to 32" I do two waist measurements to try to avoid differences on account of tightness. Both of them showed an inch lost.
Appearance: very noticable loss in upper abdomen area

A friend, (a smoker) did the plan with me. She lost over 6 pounds, did the 5 days even though at the start she figured 3 would be the most she could do. I asked if she noticed any effect on her cigarette cravings. I'll post her response and exact loss later when I hear from her.

Of course I know some of this loss will come back depending on what I eat now.

The food plan was from an article in Women's World Magazine a couple weeks ago. It's based on a quick start plan in a diet book by nutritionist Cynthia Sass. I may actually buy the book "Cinch".

You are allowed 5 foods: 2 to 4 Eggs, 12oz Fat Free Yogurt, 4 cups of raspberries, fresh or frozen, 6 tablespoons almonds, 2 tablespoons almond butter and 3 cups spinach.

That's it except for the odd condiment such as lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, cooking spray, herbs, spices and water and all natural no calorie beverages. Green tea is suggested.

The suggested plan is 4 meals - the same each day. I'll outline those then tell you the changes I made.

Breakfast: 1 whole egg or 3 egg whites scrambled with 1 cup spinach; 1 cup raspberries, 2 tbsp almonds

Lunch: 6 oz yogurt, 1 cup raspberries, 2 tbsp almonds

Dinner: 2 cups spinach, 2 tbsp almonds, 1 hard bolied egg, 1 cup raspberries. (vinegar and lemon juice to taste)

Snack: Easy Detox Smoothie: 1 cup frozen raspberries, 6 oz yogurt, 2 tbsp almond butter whipped with ice till smooth ( I substituted 3/4 cup almond milk for the ice with no ill effects)

That's all folks!

I was amazed at how high in fibre and nutrients this was. My nutrition chart was better on the diet than for the 2 months before. With my supplements the only nutirents I was low on were sodium and potassium. I will have a link to my food chart if I figure out how Mike told me to do it.

More remarks:

I like all the foods in this plan. That made it fairly easy for me.
Journalling has been simple! It has also renewed my interest in checking the nutrients. I did that well for the first few months on fitday.
For anyone not journalling this would be a good plan to get started.
Good lesson in the rewards of planning.
I did not have any ill effects. Mild headache a couple days when too long between meals.
Reminded me that 1300 calories can be satisfying. I figured the lunch would not work for me. It did although I had to beg some almonds from my assistant yesterday when I hadn't brought them for lunch.
No problem with cravings My friend who did the plan at the same time added a slice of whole grain bread on the 3rd day. I have no craving this morning either. I had made my green tea this morning before I though about having a caffe latte.

No washed out feeling. I have been ready for bed early in the evening, however have wakened up early in the morning ready to go. Did wake up too early 2 mornings.
I didn't do any heavy exercise this week, just my sauna and stretching yoga. I did work a full day each day.

Hints for anyone trying it.

Have your 5 days worth of food available

I went to 4 eggs the first day. I am thinking about using whey Protein in lieu of eggs next time although that would reduce the limited textures available.

I used several types of almonds. I don"t like whole almonds. I bought ground, slivered and sliced. I roasted some for my salads as I find them easier to eat. The slivered I put in the parfait, the ground I sprinkeled on the raspberries with a little cheat of yogurt at breakfast. Almond milk was an addition I made and I think it will become a staple in my diet. It works well in smoothies and soup. I'll be surprised if I use all the left over almond butter unless I do this again in jan.

I used a raspberry vinagerrette instead of the vinegar and lemon juice

I found I like my eggs fried and placed on top of the chopped spinach better than scrambled together

I made a spinach soup that helped get me through the first 3 days. It meant I added some chicken broth, almond milk and onion. I fried the onion in almond butter and reduced the butter in the smoothie. Added some tumeric and nutmeg and it was good. I may make it next week again. About 100 calories per serving.

Play with your ingredients. The theory of the plan is that eating the same thing each meal makes it easier -- no decisions to make. That doesn't work that well for me so I got creative. Egg salad with my spinach salad a couple nights, deviled eggs last night.

If anyone has any questions just ask. If you have read this far you must be dedicated.

On a final note. This plan is very nutritious and I expect it will be easy to adjust to healthy eating.

The suggestion is to continue with 4 meals a day with:
1 serving of whole grain each meal
1 serving of protein each meal
1 serving of plant based based fat each meal
At least 1 serving of fruit or vegetables
Low sodium seasonings

I will report back how the next week goes. Wine and pizza sceduled for tonight. I understand congress has designated pizza a vegetable and I know wine is a fruit so as long as I have a whole grain crust, meat on the pizza and some avacado dip for an appetizer I'm good -- right?

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Thanks Mary for all the great information. I am printing out your post to keep for future reference. It sounds like a great plan and your experience certainly supports all that the diet claims.
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Hey Mary, this is a very interesting diet indeed and I can't see why it wouldn't work for a guy. Maybe just increase the caloric intake by eating a bit more of the 5.

How much daily fiber were you getting? I'd say that was very important considering the cholesterol from the eggs. Although it's not proven that high cholesterol from diet is linked to high cholesterol overall.

Congrats on your loss! Thanks for sharing this.

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Fibre was 44 grams. Better than my average intake.
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Thanks for sharing Mary. It looks interesting, especially if you did so well with the nutrient part, 44 grams of fiber is really good!

Do you know if you can switch the lunch and dinner around? That lunch would have me eating my own arm since I am used to it being my biggest meal.

Anyway, congrats on your loss, hope you enjoyed your pizza/wine night.
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I think you could do whatever you liked with the foods allowed. I ate my spinach salad and eggs at lunch the first day with no problem. I'll post my regain Wed morning as I need a day to get rid of salt from the meat lovers pizza and my steak yesterday.(Up 2.6 pounds today) I'll see where I am at after 2 days of responsible eating. Mary
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Thanks for the update, Mary. I'm glad you had such good results!
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Hmm.... the allowed foods panel sounds suspiciously.... paleo! Aside from the yogurt, and yogurt ain't all that bad. Congratulations on your results!
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Originally Posted by tandoorichicken View Post
Hmm.... the allowed foods panel sounds suspiciously.... paleo! Aside from the yogurt, and yogurt ain't all that bad. Congratulations on your results!
Tandoorichicken...I love your handle--and your disclaimer!

I have a facebook page--Lo-Carb Fat Camp--with 200 members (right now, it fluctuates). We talk a lot about what works and what doesn't (on the Atkins and Paleo plans). It gives me more input than just myself--which is helpful because the ONE THING we need to remember is that each person's body reacts to foods just a little differently.

One thing some of my members have been doing to break a plateau is called M*O*V*E...meat, oil, vegetables, eggs. You have a lot of flexibility there and I was thinking that the diet KUMOCHI shared is similar.

PS: I printed out the original post...I'm thinking I might try this over the holidays. It is quite in line with Atkins.
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