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rtjmnz 09-24-2011 01:24 PM

On my way to health and weightloss, raw vegan style
Well, not 100% raw just yet! But I am vegan and I have been for a few months. I love it! But my veganism doesn't stop me from disordered eating and lack of exercise. So I joined this in hopes of finding a balance and a steady weightloss.

Raw veganism appeals to me because it's just all fresh, natural, whole foods that the Earth intended us to eat. No processed foods, no foods filled with chemicals and antibiotics. Just pure food. I'd say I'm going for about 75% raw right now, then transition. I've tried the raw vegan diet a few months back but because of my unhealthy relationship with food, I slacked and then just stopped altogether. But I remember the way I felt and it was tremendous.

I'm 20 years old, female, 5'7 weighing around 165lbs.

I'd love some support!

jbantau 09-24-2011 03:10 PM

Raw food diets are so attractive to me, too. The control over what goes into your body would be amazing. Assuming that you are eating organic and avoiding the pesticides. It's sad to me, though, that a person could eat so clean but still we get disgusting environmental poisons. I wish I had the will and enjoyed that type of diet more, but I'm still just trying to get the "required" amount of fruits and veg in my diet.

I admire your will and I hope that you get the healthy feeling you desire.

Nailkita 09-24-2011 04:41 PM

Just a note on organic, that some people might not note, while they aren't "certified" there are a lot of farmers out there that don't spray their foods, check out your local farmers market most will be happy to tell you what they do for their plants.

A farm near my parents is the only place I can get strawberries since I'm allergic to what's usually sprayed on strawberries.

w4tchm3shr1nk 01-24-2012 06:31 PM

it is amazing what your doing----self control is so hard to keep when theres so much temptation everywhere...keep with it,,,im eating raw as well --ill keep all of you updated on my progress!

Actively_Funny 01-24-2012 10:15 PM

Congratulations on your decision. I dated a vegan and I got a bit familiar with her eating habits. This was the first time I heard of raw veganism but I definitely do love the idea behind it. I can imagine all the wonderful benefits you will get from going to such route.

I don't know you but you can definitely count with my support.

Before entering the vegan world, were you a vegetarian before or are you just dipping yourself from a non-vegetarian/vegan lifestyle?

Veganism/Vegetarianism have always called my attention.

Either way, good luck and put in the work!

Lucialucha 01-26-2012 09:49 PM

way to go.
I have been a vegetarian for years now, I went rawvegan for a couple months and felt amazing. After moving to another country I embraced their delicious cheese and bread. Now I canīt wait to start a RAWVEGAN diet. But sometimes I find it difficult for the protein intakes, repetitive meals and so on. Anyone has a book with recipes? maybe we could post our favourite raw vegan ones.:)

Or if you could recommend books or links. Thanks!!!

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