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  • Thanks for your info desert mountain. I really am not hungry at all and I find it even hard to have 2 snacks aday. I'm not a meat eater so this has been a whole new eating curve. Im eating because i have to get my protein up I can't say I enjoy it. I would like to eat 2-3 oz of meat instead of the 4 oz. My calories still are low enough if I was on a calories diet it stays between 1200 to 1500 daily I'm not loosing fast as you did.
  • I've already lost 13 lbs and i've been on it for little less than a month.
    The hardest thing is switching over diets.
    I think its good to lose weight fast, but in the long run hard to stay on.
  • I'm just restarting this program, I would LOVE to participate in weigh-ins, etc. I'm new to the site, so not sure how to navigate everything yet though.
  • Induction (Atkins)
    Quote: Anyone doing ATKINS diet?
    Hi !!! I'm in my 2nd week of induction, I weight myself yesterday and so far I lost 6.5 pounds , now my weight is 175.5.... I'm very happy about the results!!! Many years ago I lost 54 pounds with atkins after I have my son , then i gain half back , then i used to folow waight watechers wich i love it !!! but I had a baby back in dec. i was up to 209 pounds, trying to watch i was stucked between 182 & 185 so i decide to start atkins i haven't read the new edition i started the way i follow 12 years ago.... i'm going to try to stay in induction diet this month... I feel great with a lot of energy... Bye... Alexandra...
  • Quote: Anyone doing ATKINS diet?
    Yep! Three weeks ago this Thursday, my doctor called me a fat bastage, and pointed out that my weight and blood pressure had been creeping up for five years, while my blood work had gone downhill. On top of all that, I had several nasty encounters with back pain.

    The Doc suggested Atkins, because it had worked for him. I went out that night, bought the new book, and read the chapter on Induction. I started the diet the next day. Since then I've finished the book, and have started using FitDay to help track and tweak my food choices.

    The result? I've lost 18 pounds in under three weeks.

    Like my2littleangels I've decided to stay on Induction for a few more weeks. I am not hungry, and not experiencing any major cravings. While I am getting excellent results so far, the true test is where I'm at in a year.

    (Stay tuned!)
  • Quote: HI All, I'm on a sort of Atkins-type diet...I eat 3 apples during my working day(
    Atkins' Induction phase allows 20g "net carbs" per day... each whole apple has 14g net carbs

    I'm certainly not an expert on the Atkins diet, but three apples a day is a huge no-no. Check out the Link removed for an overview of the diet and snack suggestions. You shouldn't be hungry if you are doing the diet "by the book"
  • Check up on Atkin's folks... How's the weight loss going?

    (Week three of induction, down 7.0 pounds since last Friday!)
  • Hey, fellow low-carbers!

    I lost about 90 lbs on Atkins ~ 5 years ago and kept it off...until starting nursing school. I'd gained about 15 of those nasty pounds back so restarted Induction on 04/05/10 and it's been great so far. I'm down from 165 to 159 and feeling pretty good.

    My "happy weight" is 150, which I had gotten to previously by LCing and working out/running. I fully admit that my back and knees are not going to put up with much running these days, but I've been getting a walk in daily and trying to do a little stretching...all as time allows.

    Everybody warned me about gaining weight while in nursing school...I'm determined to get to my happy weight again in the next month or so.
  • Welcome back Mammac5! Congrats on the loss so far!
  • Atkins low carb diet

    Anyone following the New Atkins New you diet? I have been following a low carb diet for nearly 2 years and am down from a high of 212lbs. Have been yoyoing with 20lbs for the last 6 months or so. Before that I had years of low fat low calorie dieting and I failed to maintain my weight loss every time. 50 years of being fat is way too long.

    I know this diet curbs my cravings when I get it right.

    I have metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance. Hope to avoid becoming diabetic by cutting back on my sugar and starch intake.

    Fitday is such a useful tool to see where my carbs and calories are coming from.



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