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pascazio 02-19-2010 06:05 PM

Anyone else following the Silhouette Solution plan?
I started following the Silhouette Solution plan in November of 2009. To date, I've lost 18 pounds, and only started exercising 2 days ago. All the lost weight so far has been related to my food and nutrition intake.

Aside from the delicious and convenient healthy snacks and meal replacements, the plan incorporates smart supplementation using custom nutritionals. Rather than pull any vitamin supplement off the grocer's shelf, not knowing whether your body needs what's in it, or in what quantity, your urine sample is tested at the lab and a custom supplement is prepared specifically for your body.

This plan has done wonders for me. My energy level is greatly improved, I sleep better, my short-term memory works again (I'm 62), my hair has gained back its body, my cholesterol numbers are improved and my blood pressure readings are back in the normal range. Even my fingernails are stronger.

Everyone I've talked to or heard about who is on this plan has had similar results. I have yet to find one person who is unsatisfied, and I'm actively looking around (like now).

Here is a link for more information:

Silhouette Solution Program

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