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rmdaly 03-08-2011 04:12 PM

Self-Compassion Diet
I've been doing some reading about the Self-Compassion Diet. It seems to be combining positive thinking and mindful meditation to lose weight. Reviewers on Amazon are very positive, although there aren't very many.

Does anyone have any experience with the Self-Compassion Diet and have opinions about it?

mecompco 03-08-2011 04:48 PM

IDK anything about the diet, but I do think positive thinking, meditation and even visualization are valid techniques to apply towards one's weight loss/fitness goals.


green_eyes22 12-01-2011 08:24 PM

I never heard about this diet, but positive thinking is definitely helpful. I know a lot of people start dieting and lose motivation in the process, sometimes frustration can get overwhelming, especially if you're surrounded by friends who are fitter than you.

People who want to lose weight should stop obsessing over a number, and just start living a healthier lifestyle. I saw on Dr. Oz a scale called quantum scale that doesn't even tell you what your weight is, but it records it and lets you know when you're progressing. In my opinion, that's great and it helps with the whole positive attitude towards your own body. There is no ideal weight or height, it's all about feeling good about yourself :)

Rubystars 12-02-2011 01:10 PM

I think it's important to keep track of the numbers because otherwise you could be taking in more calories than you realize and weight creeps up slowly.

volleyballgranny 12-02-2011 02:36 PM

The psychological aspect of weight loss is very important. If you don't face underlying issues (including self-worth), weight-loss will not be permanent. We had to close my facebook page (content only visible to members) because we found ourselves dealing with psyhcological issues that we did not want our non-group friends reading about our private problems.

So many of us are looking for a quick fix, but until we 'fix' our psyche our fixes will keep slipping. So, for that reason, the Self-Compassion Diet might work. But, sight unseen, I wouldn't trust it--I think you need a healthy eating/exercise plan in addition to self-compassion.

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