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    I just finished the 500 calorie portion of the HCG Diet. I got hungry. The first week was the worst, and then it became easier. I had to spread my meals out over the day. Good results in a very short time. It does work.
  • Hi Angelica, and welcome to the forums.

    I hesitated to post for fear of annoying you, but since no one else has stepped up....

    What exactly do you want to hear? Probably not the obvious, that you need to either make a commitment to follow through with your eating plan, scrap it and find another plan that is easier to follow, or give up entirely and maybe try again another time.

    I'd really like to see you succeed in losing weight, but without the commitment, it's just not going to happen. I've been there, done that many, many times.

    If there's anything specific we can do to help, please ask.

  • I agree with Michael. If you are not going to follow the protocol to the letter then you need to get off HCG, period. What kind of new recipes have you come up with? I ask b/c there's not much you can do to make a recipe since you are so limited with your choices, unless you do something like mix a few ounces of boneless skiness grilled chicken breast with broccoli and add a dash of low sodium soy sauce and pretend it's chinese food...

    When you say you are on your 2nd day, are you talking about the 2nd day of the "loading phase" or the real diet? Sounds to me like when you get off of work you should try to occupy your time instead of relaxing, thinking about food.
  • You will lose weight on it. My Brother and I both lost 50+ each with HCG both put most of the weight back on. GOOD LUCK
  • Quote: You will lose weight on it. My Brother and I both lost 50+ each with HCG both put most of the weight back on. GOOD LUCK
    did you go back to old habits?
  • Hcg diet?
    I am very curious why that is never mentioned here in the forums on FITDAY.

    The other night I was searching in you tube, and there a boat load of transformation videos (great motivation), and they all seemed to be related to HCG Dieting.

    Then, I ran into a guy on the street the other night, and he was telling my friend and I about it.

    I remember reading about it first in Kevin Trudeau's book.

    He told me that it "resets" the hypothalmus gland.

    He went on to say that you only take in 500 calories per day(it wouldnt be for me) for 20 something days.

    Apparently, you lose a lot of weight, and he says now they sell it in drops.

    May be a good option for you if you are seriously wanting to drop off the weight quickly.

    I am just curious why I have never seen it discussed here..........
  • OOPS, I guess there is
  • I am curious to see if anyone else has tried the hcg. I have been doing it on and off for about a year now. I lost 30lbs, but have trouble maintaining that. I gain 10lbs. and then turn around and lose that same 10lbs. I would like to progress past that point. Does anyone have maintenance tips for after HCG?
  • There are many threads on FD about hcg. It always seems to be a controversial subject as it has many believers and nonbelievers. I'm a believer I've seen personally change people in unbelievable ways when they follow the plan. Just like with everything, it takes dedication.
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