Meal replacements anyone?

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Default Meal replacements anyone?

Hi all, I decided to try out meal replacements (slim fast). I want to do it the other way than recommended. I have no problems with eating sensibly during the day, but after 6pm I go mad for food - nuts, biscuits, juice etc. I want to have dinner at 6pm and after that i want to sip one shake thorough the evening ( my day finishes at 11pm).
Anyone here doing meal replacements already?
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In past weight loss journies I used to use them. I do like the dark chocolate "new" slim fast shakes.

If it works for you, I say go for it.

My strategy is to save enough calories to have a really filling meal for supper--like you, usually around 6:00. 800 calories around this time seems to keep me 'till I go to bed pretty well. I might drink some water, too, and that helps.

Anyweigh, Muna, if you log the cals, I don't think slim fast is a bad idea.

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If you have dinner at 6 and don't go to bed until 11, it's perfectly normal that you would get hungry during that time. (I try to go to bed within 2-3 hours of eating so I'm asleep before my stomach starts to rumble again.) What about taking your daily calorie allotment and splitting it into meals and snacks based on the hours of day you're up. For example, I have a protein shake after my morning workout, have two small morning snacks a few hours apart, have lunch, an afternoon snack,and dinner. However, if I have a day where I'll be up later, I'll cut a few calories from each of my meals/snacks and have another small snack later. If you fill this with a slim-fast shake, I'm sure it won't do too much damage (although I've never looked at the nutrtion/ingredients in one of those). Just make it a sensible snack and I'm sure you'll be fine.
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I use slim fast for breakfast because I am not a morning person or a morning eater. getting up even earlier than i already do to make a healthy breakfast just would not happen. I drink it in the car on my way to work and it has worked well for me. I would think as long as you maintain your calorie allowances having it in the evening would be fine.
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I think whatever works for you would be the right way for you.

I am never hungry in the morning and function much better if I do not eat breakfast. I am usually hungry at night so I eat my biggest meal later and usually eat something right before I go to bed too.

Everyone is different so just because one way is the right way for some, it doesn't mean it is for others.
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Thumbs up Optifast

Hey I am on week 3 of the Optifast meal replacement programme and I have lost 13 pounds. I'm doing the 'transitional' stage which is two shakes per day and one meal. I skipped the 'intensive' phase which is three shakes per day because I knew it would not work for me. I find this product works really well. When I lived in Canada I tried Slim Fast but I found it didn't keep me full for very long. I don't seem to have that problem with Optifast. I'm really pleased with how its going so far and will stick with it.

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Default Hmr

I did the HMR last year and lost 10lbs in 6weeks. It was really easy- you have shakes and entrees. They have a more aggressive shakes only program too which is more effective.
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I like their high protein version, 15 grams instead of 10, same calories, only a couple of bucks more a can. I mix it in a cup of coffee in the morning. A double win as I get a chocolate or vanilla coffee and don't feel the need to add sugar.
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