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LisaAnnie 12-22-2010 06:14 PM

Happy Holidays!

gallusgal 12-23-2010 01:37 AM

It is in the old time smoke house now being smoked to perfection. I am making pumpkin pie with a nut crust and using stevia and xylitol to sweeten.
eh, can I come? *licks lips*

It is the people that go on Atkins induction for 2 weeks so they can wear a bikini on vacation that has given the low carb plans a bad name.

I know a woman who spent an absolute fortune on 'lighter life' last year. She paid humungous amounts of money to have 'the right food' delivered to her door. She lost 30 plus pounds very quickly, gained it all back in no time because there was no follow up. I HATE that kind of exploitation and unfortunately with dieters, these are the stories you remember. That woman is a dear friend to me, and true to her nature, is never begrudging of my weight loss. She may be 10 pounds heavier than she was when she started on 'lighter life', but she is a truly beautiful woman, and I treasure her friendship.

My results are B+ as well, better than average but not as good as they could be.

You have done fantastically well, you get a 'A'!

my diet has been a C- lately. I need to get a handle on it before I get my handles back.
You owe me the cup of tea I just spluttered over my keyboard :D

Happy, happy holidays everyone!

VitoVino 01-17-2012 02:30 PM

So I lost 34 pounds and...
I didn't use a "diet", I just monitored calories using

I didn't read any books, I just did research on the internet.

I didn't continue eating unhealthy foods, I started eating clean every day.

I didn't join a gym, I just ran and biked on my own.

I didn't buy any expensive "diet food in boxes", I just ate whole foods.

I didn't use a trainer, I became the trainer.

I didn't use a nutritionist, I became the nutritionist.

I didn't use a support group, I just joined an online forum.

I didn't buy a lot of expensive appetite suppressant pills, I just drank a lot of green tea.

I didn't lose the weight with the goal of losing weight, I lost it for a lifestyle change.

I didn't fail in my goal to lose weight, I just decided that failure was not an option.

I didn't think I had this much to lose when I started, but apparently I did.

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