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LashaundaRau 08-16-2018 10:00 AM

Originally Posted by rache25 (Post 138484)
I just started a couple of days ago and I am down 5 lbs.!. (see diet posted below) I couldn't even eat all the food per day. Its a lot of weight to lose in 2 days but I am drinking 5+ glasses of water each day so I don't really understand why so much came off. How could it be water weight?

I want to lose 80 lbs total and hoping to do this in 3-4 months. I will keep up on my progress by posting how much I have lost. I started on June 6, so I will post my results on July 6 then August 6th then September 6th.The only exercise I am planning is short 5 min increments of walking and or weight lifting with a 3 lb weight. WOULD ANYONE LIKE TO DO THIS WITH ME ?? AS A WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE?? I THINK THAT COULD BE FUN!

Diet in short:
Chicken (200 calories, split up into 2 or 3 servings) (large Costco canned chicken breast is 200 calories for entire can) or whatever you like

4 eggs (split up into 2 or 3 servings)
1 cup spinach
1 cup mushrooms
1 cup cabbage
6 cups spring mix /boxed type
6-10 radishes
1 oz. sesame seeds
1 oz. raw sunflower seeds
1/2 cup broccoli.
Note: I am planning to use some of the greens and the sesame and sunflowers seeds emulsified in a blender to create a salad dressing for spring mix salads on the diet.

Breakfast: 2 eggs with spinach and mushrooms or just 2 hardboiled.
Lunch: Salad greens with cabbage and spinach radish and one serving of the chicken and 1 egg and
.05 oz sunflower and .05 oz sesame seeds
Dinner: 1 serving of chicken, small salad, broccoli
Snacks: serving of chicken or an egg or radish or salad or combination of these

Wow! This is a cool diet. I'll try to eat as you say. Maybe I'll lose weight.

Vickey.M 08-20-2018 03:25 AM

Great Job!!

Vickey.M 08-20-2018 03:26 AM

Originally Posted by LashaundaRau (Post 139416)
Wow! This is a cool diet. I'll try to eat as you say. Maybe I'll lose weight.

actually sounds good

Vickey.M 08-20-2018 03:32 AM

Originally Posted by morphasia (Post 138760)
WOOT! Three cheers for Rache25!! Congratulations on choosing a fantastic eating plan. Your food looks marvelous and I'm 100% in agreement with ketogenic, low carb, paleo. Anything that cuts out nasty sugar. This way of eating is good for diabetics, weight loss, even cancer. Agree also that "healthy" fats are essential. I used to take coconut or MCT oil and it's a major metabolizer, lemme tell ya!

Best of luck on your weight loss journey and I hope you'll post again.

Good Luck!!!

dan2018 08-22-2018 10:11 AM

Very cool

Elli2020 08-23-2018 05:44 AM

Thanks for this motivating share. I am beginner to the diet thing and started 3 weeks ago. This is my fourth week and until now I have lost weight but at a very slow speed. I am now 68.9 kg down from 69.8. My target is 61 kg. I chose to not eat till dinner, or more precisely the kids’ dinner. And I find resisting so challenging!! Truly, I could go without eating on days but here comes 6pm and I end up eating my 550 kcal, thinking: this piece of cheese looks so good!! My husband too could do with losing some weight but don’t do it. I told him about my diet but he don’t specially approve or disapprove. Anyway, my point, I guess, is that I am struggling with being the feeder of the family.
Are any of you are in this situation too? I would love to have your idea on how you might be handling this?

iamtomas 08-27-2018 02:35 PM

1. Good breafast / 50/50 on carbs on protein
2. go to the gym a 1 hour later
3. workout for 30-40 minuts with 1 minut rest time beteen sets!
4. eat alot of protein right after your workout.
5. Stay away from carbs and sugar late on the evening

Stick with this and your body will change for the better!

Juliaisfit 08-29-2018 05:12 AM

I believe Diet is more important than exercise!

chuhong11 08-30-2018 03:45 AM

It works!

Valvaton08 10-05-2018 08:56 PM

That's really great. It will motivate you a lot.

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