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SecondBreakfast 03-05-2018 12:38 AM

Any one doing Keto and counting Macros?
So, I'm ending week two on Keto this Tuesday March 6. I'm down 12 pounds as of Sunday, and starting to feel normal again. Still having trouble sleeping and have no idea why.

I'm wondering if anyone else is doing Keto, and counting their Macros? I'm basically staying in the 80-85% fat range; net carbs are around 5-7% (Or less some days), and 10-15% protein. I bounce around with those numbers day to day, but that's the range. What's really weird is that my caloric intake does not go above 2000 a day. Some days, I have trouble hitting 1000! But I am not the least bit hungry, and feel pretty satisfied.

I just need some help getting to sleep and staying asleep. Any thoughts and ideas would be most appreciated!

Moveablegoals 03-14-2018 09:47 AM

you are using supplements?

Energyandmore 04-15-2018 10:36 PM

I have been doing lazy keto (not good at counting every day) along with that I am taking therapeutic ketones which help with sleep among many other health benefits!

josh554 04-17-2018 04:13 PM

As someone who has done keto for a very long time before with great success I would like to give a little advice.
First off in reference to sleep try to supplement with magnesium malate, keto cav through your electrolytes out of whack and that is a good one for sleep cycle.
Second if you are trying to lose fat don't worry about eating more calories or your fat %'s. Make sure you eat enough protein, make sure you eat under your carbs, and make sure the rest of your dietary energy comes from fat. This can be dietary fat or the fat on your body. Eating more fat or more calories is not necessary. A lot of these macros were given because the medical keto diet is for children with epilepsy and you don't want kids under eating. As an overweight adult we are done growing for the most part and have usually all the fat we need already in our bodies. When in ketosis we become adept at using fat for fuel. So when the keto side effect of losing appetite happens we don't have to worry nearly as much as a child does. We have plenty of fat in our body to use as fuel and keep us from starving.
My advise in a nut shell. Make sure you eat enough protein, make sure you eat few carbs, don't worry about adding more fat if you aren't hungry.

Also stay away from percentages. Try to eat under 30g of net carbs, try to eat .8g of protein per lean muscle pound, and the rest fat. The percentages mean nothing in reality.

rosabellagm 04-21-2018 05:54 AM

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