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soon2bkimk 11-03-2010 04:05 PM

For an "on-the-go" kind of girl..
My first diet of choice that I KNOW works is the South Beach diet. Myself and three other relatives have lost weight. One even lost 70 lbs on it. You are NEVER hungry, the food is DELICIOUS and very satisfying. The only downside is the prep time and cost. The first time around I followed the exact menu plan which put a real strain on my wallet. This last time around I just followed the principles and still got results. My problem is I'm never home to really make all this food. Now, I'm basically doing two nutrition drinks during the day with some small snacks in between. I make sure to have 64oz of water and have fish/lean meat with lots of seasoned veggies for dinner. This has been quick and easy and definitely doesnt cost a lot. The key is VARIETY. There is nothing worse than falling into a boring food routine (especially at work/during the week, for me). If I'm craving something sweet then I'll break out the South Beach books and make one of their desserts.
Just started back yesterday after some issues got in the way. Excited to start seeing results! :)

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