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Ladysky 01-20-2010 12:47 AM

How many calories do you aim for a day?
I am a female in my 20s and very active (60 mins of cardio a day, strength training 3x a week, and walk at least 8K steps a day, often over 14K steps). I found that 1800-2100 is a good range for me. At the moment I am trying to get my weekly average to stay below 2000. I've constantly lost 1-3lbs a week since September. This seems a bit high, but its working and most importantly, its sustainable.

Sometimes I mess up and eat way over 2000 calories, but then I just say, ok, I'll do better tomorrow.

jripp20 01-20-2010 04:33 AM

Im 20 and very active as well, I do 45-60 minutes of jogging a day as well as weight lifting 90 minutes a day and i keep my calories at 1200 with the max being 1300 if im feeling extra hungry and this is the calorie range that is most effective for me ive been doing this for about a year and have lost 20 lbs and gained muscle and definition.

AnneinPhilly 01-20-2010 04:31 PM

You don't say how much you currently weigh, and of course this is a factor as well.

I am 44, and have about the same activity level as you. I am aiming for 1600-1700 calories a day. I had gone lower, but it was actually putting my body into conservation mode, which slowed my weight loss.

sounds like you're doing really well!

Ladysky 01-20-2010 08:57 PM

I currently weight 240. Fitday caculates my metabolism+lifestyle (seated some movement) as ~3000 and I usually have 3800-4000 with exercise.

Ladysky 01-20-2010 08:59 PM

To Jripp:
Ummm. I hope you are joking! That's seriously far to low.... Possibly even dangerous. When I went to a nutritionist she said to aim for around 1700 and I don't do nearly as much exercise as you do.

ysabeau145 01-22-2010 02:17 AM

I cannot lose weight at all unless I stay below 1300 cals. I just "maintain" at 1600-1800. I am 45 and weigh 188 lbs.(I'm 5'9") My exercise is sporadic- I walk a fair amount and am not a couch potato kind of person (lots of projects, gardening, etc...). I get really frustrated because even at 1100-1200 cals I lose less than a pound a week, so I usually really blow it after about 7-9 days of this. I know that I am doing something wrong. I have been to a nutritionist who tells me I should lose at 1600-1700 calories, but it never happens....anybody else have similar problems?

Shell250 01-22-2010 03:26 AM

I was confused about how many calories I shoud aim for. So I spent my first couple weeks just making wise healthy choices in food, proper portions, to see where I was at. I ended up eating 1300-1500 cal/day. I am comfortable with that and don't feel deprived. My calculated metabolism based on lifestyle is around 3000. Mainly just walking for exercise right now. Will see what will happen. Lost 2 lb so far.

Saffrondacat 01-25-2010 12:46 AM

1300-1500 seems to be my 'zone' as well. Works for me if I make sure I have a lot of raw/lightly cooked veggies around that fill me up as well as address that craving for something with 'crunch'. I looked up the foods that gave maximum nutrition and maximum satiation on [link removed] -- go figure: celery, broccoli, zucchini, etc. and used that as a guide. You can eat until you feel full and still not a lot of calories.

tejailey 01-25-2010 02:46 AM

I have the same problem. I weigh about the same and am 45 also. I know I really need to boost my metabolism through exercise and have started again, but I still don't see a difference on the scales until I stop eating after 6:00 p.m. That's usually when I want to overdue it. It's been a challenge, but it works. I've lost ten pounds so far.

fittmom 01-25-2010 03:43 PM

Me too!
If only we could unlock the key to this mystery. 45 years exercise instructor fallen off the wagon!!! I am dedicated to regaining my self this year!

I am trying to stay at around 1600 cals per day. I love 1200, but I NEVER lose weight when I eat that little. Fit Day says 1900 for me, but I think that's a bit much. I gave up diet soda, I only drink water now. I had switched to regular soda, drinking the 100 cal cans, but I think it's sugar best for me just not to have it.

I work out 6 days a week 45/60 cardio interval training on the elliptical
strength train 4Xs weekly split body part routines.

I am hoping to stick with this, this year. My measurements are not great at the moment, so I'm hoping to take this one day at a time, stay focused and get it done and be healthy!

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