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Cup of Coffee, or a glass of Water, always works for me [= x
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Originally Posted by Foodjunkiegirl View Post
If I need something sweet, I'll chew a piece of gum. A craving only lasts two minutes. If you can get through the two minutes victory will be yours.
Seriously? Two minutes? Holy cow, I have cravings that go on for days on end. I don't think a 2 minute craving would feel like a craving to me, more like a short brainstorm or a quick fantasy. Yesterday all stinking day I had carry-over cravings from the weekend for chocolate ice cream. I'd already downed a couple of sugar free chocolate pudding cups, half a chocolate bar and a single bite of brownie fudge cake (still warm from the oven), I finally managed to put it out last night with a package of Pretzel M&M's, which are only 150 calories. Okay yes, the cure was a bit much for the daily tally, but if I'd caved in to the craving and gotten some ice cream, I probably would have eaten the entire box.
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Lots of good ideas posted here! One that sometimes helps me is to suck on a lemon wedge. Probably not a great idea to do all the time due to acidity on teeth but it helps when my monkey brain thinks desserts should be served after dinner. I've also found it best for me to not have the tempting foods in my house (or pitch them after the occasional indulgence so it doesn't call my name). Best wishes on your healthy journey!
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Lemon is an interesting idea! I might have to try that one. I usually use a sugar free cough drop. Nothing tastes good after a cough drop, not even chocolate.

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
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Find healthier substitutes for the foods you crave.

Example: Chips (salty) - Special K Whole Grain Crackers (24 crackers are only 120 calories!), 2 cups of popcorn

Sweet: A piece of fruit, coffee or tea sweetened with splenda, crystal light, a popsicle, tick tacks or sugar free hard candies

Cake- 100 calorie pack of brownie bites or other cake like calorie pack

Pizza - 1. Toast a whole wheat english muffin (weight watchers makes their own low cal kind), add a Table spoon of marinara sauce, sprinkle with garlic powder, add a serving of cheese ( I like to break up the weight watchers mozzerella cheese sticks) Stick back in the toaster oven until the cheese is melted.

Ice Cream - Frozen Yogurt, or Sugar free Italian Ice
Getting my priorities straight!

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opw, temptation, weight loss tips

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