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ChloeHobbes 08-09-2010 05:43 PM

HCG Diet - Homeopathic version
My husband and I just completed the first 2 phases of the HHCG diet as described on link removed. He lost 32 pounds and I lost 26 pounds in 6.5 weeks!!!!! Several of my friends have also been successful with this protocol that has been around for 60 years. It's a very low calorie plan, with a website to support you with recipes, q&a, and tips for adding no calorie products into your menu.
(e.g., Walden Farms dressings, dips, syrups) and
Shirataki no calorie noodles link removed
Our next step is a 6 week "stabilization" phase. Then, if we want to loose more weight, we do the 12 weeks all over again.

I'm a happy lady with this plan for rapid weight loss...go to link removed and you will hear the details.

I am not associated with this product...just a successful customer, now using fitday to track my calories.

Also - the 50 day supply of the Oral Spray is only $70.

alisonrae24 08-12-2010 06:51 PM

HCG is working for me! (homeopathic)
Due to the success of a co-worker of mine on the HCG spray I decided to give it a try. I am a normal sized woman who stores fat on my thighs (saddle bags) and I hate to work out. I always have eaten well so I have been able to maintain my 5'4" body around 123 - 127. However, I am married to a man who works out and wants me to do the same. I hate working out so much that I decided to try and cut the body fat other ways.

I bought HCG drops from amazon and started them Aug. 2 (the first day of a light menstrual period day). The program is 25 days; day 1-2 load with HCG, day 3-23 500 calorie limit with HCG, day 24-25 500 calorie limit with no HCG. Then 25 days of maintenance with watching weight gains and losses. The first two days I got headaches (apparently it's a detox reaction). The first week was hard, in the sense that I need to figure out the best time to take my drops in ration to when I was going to eat so I would not be hungry. Now I am on day 11 and I have gone from 128 to 118. I now know what to eat and when, there are a lot of websites that suggest recipes so it can become easy.

This diet causes your body to burn fat storage instead of muscle, thus following the suggested diet is crucial to follow or your body will burn the food instead of your fat! My husband had noticed a difference in my body too! My fat pockets have shrunk and my skin is nice and tight around the areas that I am losing so I know it is working!

Ill post back next week on my progress!!!

vsabino 08-12-2010 07:04 PM

Let us know how much you will lose in the whole period please!

10 lb for a light person is a lot in 10 days!
I thought the therapy was only available in injections but you mentioned drops? What exactly is the route of administration?
Also, do you know if there are any health risks associated with it?

Congrats on your weight loss!!

CoeyCoey 08-12-2010 07:12 PM

Most of that weight you have lost is water weight which means you are dehydrated and your health will suffer.

10 pounds of fat is roughly 35,000 calories. If you are eating 500 calories, that means you are roughly 1,000 calories deficient. Over 11 days, that would be 11,000 calories or about 3 pounds in fat and muscle. The other 7 pounds is water, which is almost an entire gallon. Once you stop this HCG, your body will restore all that water.

500 calories is too low and will also likely effect your health. I recommend you seek the advice of a qualified health care practitioner who specializes in weight loss.

alisonrae24 08-12-2010 08:44 PM

Cant be too sure, too soon to tell.
Well, I would imagine that it would be reasonable to assume that I am dehydrated. However, I am drinking at least approx. 12 cups of water a day (my 1 liter sigg and at least 3 glasses of my 2.5 cup glasses a day), I drink 4 cups of coffee in the morning and usually 3-4 cups of herbal tea through out the day. Do you still think I am dehydrated?:confused:

Even so, I have learned portion control at the very least! I feel healthy, in fact I feel great. I had four cups of coffee this morning, a foreman grilled perfect portion purdue chicken breast with two handfuls of red leaf lettuce for lunch, and just ate a grapefruit for snack. I have already had three of my 2.5 cup glasses (its 4:40pm here) and I plan on eating a foreman grilled white turkey breast patty and two handfuls of Romain lettuce for dinner. My even have an apple for an evening snack. Oh, and some tea.

So, I guess I will just have to keep everyone posted on my progress and I will let you know if the weight just comes right back after Phase 3.

Thanks for your concern. :)

CoeyCoey 08-12-2010 09:00 PM

Coffee is a diuretic. Some herbal teas are diuretics. This homeopathic HCG is probably a strong diuretic as are almost all "weight loss supplements". They get you hooked with a fast weight loss in the first couple weeks, but in reality, you lose very little fat. Mostly water and muscle.

A lot of water we ingest is in our food. If you are only eating 500 calories, you aren't getting much water from your food. Drinking water helps, but most people don't drink nearly as much as they should when dieting.

Here is some info on HCG diets:
HCG Worthless as Weight-Loss Aid

Eat more real food and be more active. Short cuts will at best just lose you some money, and at worst, damage your health.

midwestj 08-12-2010 09:30 PM

I agree with CoeyCoey

Eating 500 calories doesn't even allow you to get enough protein to maintain lean muscle mass, and with no exercise you can almost certainly say goodbye to a muscular and lean physique. Also there is no way you can be getting enough nutrients to sustain a healthy you on 500 calories.

I'm not trying to stomp on your parade but this website is all about healthy weight loss solutions.

Working out really isn't as bad as you make it out to be. Sure doing marathon cardio is boring, but try doing a weight lifting routine and high intensity stuff. I feel so much better since I started exercising regularly, and my body is responding.

Were definitely here to encourage you on your weight loss journey, but I think there are better solutions for your problem.

Lizzycritter 08-13-2010 03:44 AM

When I don't eat enough, I get terrible headaches from low blood sugar. Dehydration will also cause wicked headaches. To me, HCG is at best a worthless gimmick and at worst medically-sanctioned anorexia. A 25 pound dog (Cocker spaniel size) would do well on 500 calories. A human, not so much.

heytred 08-13-2010 06:46 AM

This diet seems so extreme it's scary. I think you need to be drinking more water... only 12 cups a day (I hope you are referring to a glass and not the measurement...) with all that caffeine in coffee. You've got to be dehydrated on some level...

hcgdietinfo 08-13-2010 06:14 PM

2 weeks in
It is worth it, I lost close to 10lbs so far on the <a href=> HCG Diet </a>. I'm not going to lie and say it is easy, all I know it worked for me.

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