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bethnobel 08-07-2010 08:30 PM

SureSlim Diet
Two and a half years ago, I was told to lose 30 pounds because I was pre-diabetic. :eek: Having watched both my parents cope with the disease, I was determined to find my way back to 115 pounds. SureSlim helped me better than Weight Watchers or Atkins. After a blood-test, they presented me with my custom food-plan. Most helpful for me, they told me why to eat that food (the effect it has on your metabolism and glycemic index), when to eat (3 meals a day/5 hours apart), how to eat (protein first), and more. All with no extra exercise. As they say: "it's not You -- it's your metabolism."
The fee was a bit shocking but it paid for the full year of weekly (if wanted) interviews and weigh-ins. You don't have to buy their food or anything special. Just shop smart and eat fresh. Avoid those center isles where all the junk and processed foods are. You'll sleep better, feel calm, and enjoy regularity :rolleyes:
Now that my metabolism has stalled again (due to frequent off-plan treats), I'm back on the food-plan without exception!

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