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Sugar Free is the way to go

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Sugar is not good for you. Minimize as best as possible.
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Originally Posted by dragonfly1956 View Post
I gave up sugar, bread, pasta, rice.. all refined carbs last August 16, so far ive shed 35kg of my hefty 148kg body....The first few weeks were probably the hardest and i do at times get a bit of a craving, especially if i smell or see some of my old addiction foods, but mostly it hasn't been too difficult to do. My weight loss has slowed down now, and ive had about 3 plateau periods of about 3 weeks each, in that time the scales have fluctuated up and down or stayed the same. I just give myself a few more calories for several days, then go back to it. Im very proud of myself and more to the point, Im feeling healthier in my body. I set myself a first goal of 100kgs, Im just over 13kg off that.....I haven't given myself any time frames at all....and i don't class this as a diet at all but a lifestyle change for the improvement of my health and well being....Be proud of yourselves, any weight loss is a good loss, and don't be hard on yourselves if you make a mistake and slip up......straight away put it behind you and keep positive and don't punish yourselves, love yourselves no matter matter what ...cheers
That's amazing. I just did the same and I'm on the start of my journey - I started November 6th.
But congratulations on that massive weight loss. I hope I'll get to be this successfull in a few months
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Whenever I get a craving for sugar now, I just have a protein shake and it seems to go away. I just have to be strong and walk past the biscuit cupboard to where I keep my protein instead.
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i tend not to crave sugar at all, and if i do i would rather have fruit than fake dessert products. i am slightly hypoglycemic so in my early high school years i would end up popping a small box of nerds to prevent from passing out. but then i started working out and eating A LOT more so i rarely have low sugar levels due to everything i eat. (i by no means eat unhealthily)
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First time it is too difficult to cut sugar.But after some days,we will start to like with out sugar.
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Originally Posted by Michaeldennismartin View Post
I cut out all refined sugars around 3 weeks ago, and I can already tell it was a great decision. I am down 12 lbs, and feel amazing, sleeping like a baby, and have more energy. I have been keeping a food log on this site and it has helped me a great deal.
if wou will not eat sugar - it helps you to lose weight
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good job keep going
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Congrats on cutting out sugar! It can be so difficult, but it is so worth it. Once you get beyond that initial cravings stage (which can be severe or mild depending on your previous sugar consumption), the physiological changes are amazing!

Keto combined with intermittent fasting has proved to be the best solution for me personally. I've been on and off the wagon, but I've determined to stay the course this time and finish the job. Sometimes life can throw us off track, and lead us down the wrong road, or cajole us into losing our will and determination. I've had it happen to me, as emotional trauma can sometimes cloud a person's thinking or blur the path that they were once on. I recently lost my only sibling, who was morbidly obese. Emotionally, its been a struggle. But, having witnessed the decline in his health, and the effects of obesity on him and those around him, its served more as an impetus for me to end the cycle of sugar and obesity.

I hate to take such a hardline approach to eating, but, I've not been very regimented in the past which has led me to where I am now. So, finding satisfying foods that aren't sugary or carb-laden is absolutely key, so I won't fall off the wagon again. So, working on a 16-8 IF schedule; with an occasional extended fast, and then Keto eating plan for the 8 hour time frame, I'm feeling pretty good. Had an avocado with two poached eggs this morning---which is enough fuel to last for quite a few hours. Plopping a TBS of butter in my morning coffee is a great beginning, so I don't get too hungry and eat things I shouldn't.

Best wishes with your journeys in cutting out sugar....its worth it!
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Smile Sugar free diet

You can reduce a lose a lot weight by cutting sugar from your daily diet and an hour of exercise.Too much sugar isn't good for your dental health as well.
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Easier said than done, so kudos to you for keeping it up! Man, if only I don't have a sweet tooth.
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