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Roxyewp2010 07-15-2010 03:01 PM

Scared of plateau, need advice
I am 23 year old female. When I started almost a month ago i was 203, I am now 191 and some ounces. Also, i am 5' 8. I am trying to lose weight for two reasons. 1. My sister's wedding October 23rd, and two i am trying to go back into the military December 17th, both this year. I am running every night, followed by sit-ups, inclined push ups and flutter kicks. Obviously what I'm doing is working I have dropped almost 13 pounds in less than a month. I have also cut crabs, upped protein and cut calories to about 1500. Sometimes I don't hit my 1500 though because I have started to not feel very hungry with the way the heat is outside, and I feel so full so quick. I really have not splurged since I started on my diet and it seems to be paying off. I am however concerned that I will soon hit a plateau and the weight loss will stop. I had read somewhere about :zig zag" calories to trick your body into not hoarding them and going into "starvation" mode. I am looking for more info on that or a variation of it. Someone also told me to eat 2 servings of crabs in the morning and that would help, any idea on that? My goal weight is 170 which is only 6 pounds heavier than I was when I left basic training four years ago. It was the best shape I have ever been in, I am pretty athletic and carry a lot of muscle under my extra pounds. I want to get lean again, Someone help me avoid the upcoming plateau I know I am getting close to hitting.

waynegretzky 07-15-2010 04:44 PM

I wouldn't worry about until something happens. My wife started at the same weight as you and now she is 150 pounds with no plateau. i have lost 80 and have had a two week stretch with only .5 pound loss but that was it. Just stay focused and eat good and see where it goes first! And congrats on your healthy choice of life now!!

rpmcduff 07-15-2010 06:32 PM

A couple of suggestions, keep your protein intake at least .5 grams and up to 1.0 grams per pound of lean body weight. For you I would guess that to be 65-135g of protein daily. This will help you retain the muscle would other wise be catabolized as a result of your running and dieting. I have read other posts on the forum that have increase their calories to maintenance for 2 weeks when they hit a plateau. This seems to reset their metabolism and when they return to a caloric deficit the weight loss is resumed.

There is a thread on the posts about Calorie Cycling or Zig Zag Calories? That you might want to look at. Google Carb cycling - their is lots of info. This is an easy to understand site How to Use Carb Cycling To Break A Fat Loss Plateau |

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