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Goth Angel 01-19-2010 03:43 AM

Thanks for responding...I found that on Jillian Michaels (?) website..I googled free calories and it gave me that list and I believe her picture was placed above it..HOwever, it is better than the alternative of just plain junk food to nash (sp) on:)

Goth Angel 01-19-2010 03:47 AM

Newest information that I is from Good Houskeeping..It is funny, but I HAVE been doing the walking like I said, but not 4 miles (like I had planned) worth. So tomorrow is my weigh in at work (it has doctor scale more reliable than my old digital) and I will post...the following is a copy/paste from that article that I just mentioned. By the way this walking 4.5-5 miles...
However you break down the steps, there's only one fabulous result: a slimmer, more energetic you. In 60 minutes of walking, you'll burn 300 to 500 additional calories. Keep that up for 10 days and you'll lose a pound. Keep it up for a year and you'll be 35 pounds lighter — without a minute of dieting.

Goth Angel 01-19-2010 05:36 PM

Actually, I think it is closer to 2 pounds loss for me w/o dieting even..I am a grain of sand away from 158, but am for sure 159..My actual 10th day will be on Sunday, but like I said that I use the scale here so my weigh in will be Monday the 25...Did I mention that on Friday when I weighed in it was at 160!! Gosh, that is just terrible for me! Sooo glad I found one of my old journals and that my birthday June 17th if I lose 2 pounds every 10 days w/o dieting but substituting a junk food for a cocoa once in a while and doing the 4.5-5 miles a day..I will be at not only my pre preggars weight, but ALSO my WEDDING weight of 130!! If it is 1 pound for every 10 days then I reach that goal on my 5th year Wedding anniversary!!! Got it figured out and it will overall be extrememly (sp purp;) healthy and a part of everyday life...though when I DO get down to that size I will ease up back to 20 minutes x 3 a day with 3 miles of walking a day....sooooo excited that I FINALLY found what works for ME!!! LOVE TO EAT and of course the occasional chocolate!!! Also this will not interrupt my time spent with the kids AT ALL!! On my after work walks, I can always put my baby in the stroller and have my 12 year old put on his roller blades and off we go.....that'll happen this summer!!

dehh68 01-19-2010 11:45 PM

Originally Posted by Goth Angel (Post 1216)
Thanks for responding...I found that on Jillian Michaels (?) website..I googled free calories and it gave me that list and I believe her picture was placed above it..HOwever, it is better than the alternative of just plain junk food to nash (sp) on:)

MUCH better than junk food. When I am serious about losing weight/fat not only do I need to avoid the "junk" but also watch what I am putting in the ol' bod. And even though fresh fruit it GOOD, ya gotta watch the carbs. I am doing high protein/low carbs. So for me, a peach would not be "free". Just my 2 cents. Keep up the good work!:o

Goth Angel 01-20-2010 11:54 PM

Thanks soo much for your comments and ideas, it is ALL good and welcome! I normally don't like peaches, so I am not too worried about that;)

Goth Angel 01-20-2010 11:57 PM

I am going to weigh in tomorrow and see if I hit that 158 mark that i was ever so close to on long as I keep in check every few days I will be able to stick to anything even if the scale stays in one spot or of course goes down..If it goes up (PLEEAZZ not again) then I may actually have to cut down on some of my sweets that I love ever so much to have..Did my walking..tonight I only have 45 minutes left for walking around the house, so I am going to do it in 5 minute increments (usually commercials or every other)..

Goth Angel 01-23-2010 06:55 PM

Yesterday was supposed to be my fruit day, but was getting very tired in the later afternoon and had to get some protein so I could focus at work. I only did really a minor cheat at supper time. Today, I am going to be 100% day at a time.
I have to tell everyone this story it is funny.
As I was driving past the bakery I was talking to my sister and I asked her should I stop and grab some bakery food?
She said NO SHERRY that is your crack cocaine, your addiction then as I passed my addiction I was laughing so hard tears came to my eyes. I didn't quite put it in that perspective before, but she was right!

Goth Angel 01-24-2010 03:14 AM

Today I think that I was pretty faithful...didn't walk though.

melizard22 01-25-2010 07:03 PM

In your shoes
I feel your pain. I only have one child and can't really say I want to lose the "baby" weight because he just turned 2. I am not overweight. I am also not underweight!!! I just want to get the body that I had before my "little man" came along and forever changed it. I just started exercising last week and have been trying to eat better. I am going to do the low carb thing for awhile because it worked for me back in the day. I am also trying to get to 130. I weighed this morning and was at 147. I would love to get to my goal before my b-day which is in May. What a great gift to yourself???? Anyways, just wanted to say good luck and that you aren't alone in this venture!!!

Goth Angel 01-26-2010 06:30 PM

Hi Mel!!
Thanks for your response! I am now at 158, can't remember if I wrote in and said that or not..YES, definately a venture..nicely said!! I KNOW exactly what you mean I am not overweight or underweight, just in the middle which is NOT fine with me.. 147 I WOULD LOVE to be at right now!! Keep it up and it will come off, just have to have a plan!! It is my 'off' day today, but my main goal is not to 'binge' on my 'off' days...if I find that I don't lose and stay stable for a week doing one day on and one day off then I am going to make it to 2 days on and 1 day off...I just don't know how my 'willpower' will hold up for 2 days in a row!! Mel, WE can DO this!! Stay on track and try not to stray too much, but still remain focused and it CAN happen by summer,, my bday is June (prev posted)!! Hehehe the 'little men' in our lives are sooo worth all the hard work ahead though, aren't they!! (not a question). Take CARE and I hope to hear from you again soon, your plan, motivation, ect!!

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