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JAYSEWELL 05-11-2015 12:43 PM

Clean Eating Queries
Over the last few years I have had a few problems with my eating. Became excessive healthy a couple of years ago. V clean eating and ended up in turn developing a binge eating disorder and problems mainly looking down at what other people ate. I've come along way since then. I still eat clean and don't gorge as often :D. I've just been trying to make sure what i'm eating is enough along with a workout regime. I worked out that after my breakfast, food pot, I would need another 3 meals or so at around 500 cals each. It just seems like so much food! is this normal, as i'm eating really clean, baking without oil, lots of veggies etc v good food that are all low calorie. it just doesn't seem normal to eat 6 decent sized meals a day to be able to maintain the right amount of calories for a male in his 20's. can provide info if need any feedback would be appreciated.


jay :)

Kathy13118 05-11-2015 01:51 PM

1500 calories (50x3) may sound like a lot. But when you add it to the calories you have for breakfast (don't know how many those are), it MAY add up to be around 2000 calories a day. That sounds just about like the average caloric intake to me - probably on the low side. It depends on your height and weight, age and sex: there is an online tool to figure out your daily needs.

Daily Food Plan

JAYSEWELL 05-12-2015 04:26 AM

Thanks for your reply. :D well my diet is basically getting up in the morning around 6am. I will then have some lemon tea and breakfast around 9am. This consists of oats flax whey powder chia seeds. Around 500 cals with portion size. Around 12-12.30 I will have a good pot consisting of Turkey/chicken, veg, potatoes and a portion of nuts. I have recently around 1530 started to have a second bowl of oats just with whey powder as was worried about current calories . Then I usually have a main meal before bed which could be anything around 730ish. I'm just worries because it seems a lot of food although I'm reasonably active and I don't want to under eat. I've had a binge eating disorder which I'm now getting into check but just want to make sure im getting enough food. Calorie wise it's seems correct but food volume seems high. Does this diet sound ok?

Kathy13118 05-12-2015 11:54 AM

You need protein, carbs, fiber, fat, etc. in your diet. It sounds to me like you are covering all the bases. I don't see how that is a LOT of food. If you measure your food, then you can be sure the calories are accurate.

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