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jharris14 04-29-2015 10:27 PM

Cut down fat/ love handles
i want to begin a diet/ lifestyle change and have been struggling recently and want to get serious. i was hoping for some advice on meals/ foods to eat that will best help me cut down excess fat and such that have accumulated around my stomach and side. Any and all tips and or plans would be great.
Wt: 215 lbs
Ht: 5 ft9

Im not fat fat but I'm getting a pretty big stomach and its just not where i want to be. thanks

Kathy13118 04-30-2015 02:28 PM

Fitday has tools to help you lose weight.

At the very least, to start, record all the (measured) food you eat in the food log. Do that for a week and then you will be able to see what your daily calorie intake is.

With that information, you can continue to log the food that you eat (measured) and reduce the number of calories you eat in a day by eliminating some foods (your choice), reducing portion size, or making healthy substitutions.

Do that for a while and see that your daily calorie intake has decreased. Watch you weight and see how that is affected by your new style of eating. If you are not losing weight, then you need to reduce your caloric intake more so pay more attention to food choices to cut calories.

It will take time but you can do it, all the while continuing with your current level of physical activity.

Good luck!

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